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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peachy Picks Claw New York Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know

The fantastic homemade soups at Claw New York

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Looking at the temperature, it is heating up in Manhattan and Claw New York is among the hottest new spots to go and get a Beachy Peachy feeling!  They receive lobster from Maine every two days and the amazing concoctions that are created with it will wow you to no end.  Owner Joseph Miller, who studied at CIA, is committed to making everything from scratch and he told us absolutely nothing was store-bought.  Oooh we love that.  He is the sole owner and creates everything on the menu personally from the soup to the sauces to the lobster rolls that you will be dreaming about for days later.  Claw was first featured in Terrific Takeout:
& later graduated to Tasty Tidbits:
Today we are please to say it has graduated to Peachy's Picks!
Peachy began with the French Onion soup (very top photo) which is served with gruyere cheese and a toasted baguette-simply fantastic.  It was up to par with similar versions that we've found at places far less casual-Claw is very casual.  She had to try the Surf and Turf once more to see if it was just as fantastic the second time around and it certainly was.  It is the classic lobster roll with double smoked bacon lardons added and the one-two punch it brings to your taste buds will impress you.  All meat is from the claw, tail and knuckle of the lobster that is used.  Here is a closeup:
Yes, this is where you should go to lunch!
There are cute, crisp pickles that also come to the party:
We sipped on a lovely homemade lemonade and all that was missing was the ocean, palm trees, flamingos and beach chairs.  This is the closest you're going to come to vacation!
Do not leave or pass go without trying the Lobster Mac & Cheese!  Certain to please, this is filled with lobster, creamy cheese sauce and finished with seasoned brioche crumbs.  Cheddar, Gruyere and Monterey Jack teamed up to compose the cheese sauce and the result was intoxicating!  The pasta is al dente and the lobster is of course the piece de resistance of the whole thing.
Finally, we tried the Scallop roll with Frangelico Cream Sauce and above is a close up.  Just as fresh and delicious as the lobster roll, this one is so convincing you'll have a hard time deciding whether you'll order the Lobster Roll or the Scallop Roll-so we suggest both!  Now we just have to get everyone in Chelsea to start wearing pink & green and collars up!
Our esteemed panelist says:
Summer arrived in New York City this weekend. Claw brings the spirit of a day at the beach to the island of Manhattan. Joseph, the personable and friendly owner, hails from Oyster Bay. The casual bright pink and white surroundings and smell of fresh seafood allows one to temporarily take leave of the city. Claw prides itself on the freshness of its seafood ingredients with fresh lobster flown in from Portland, Maine every other day. This pride is justified. I started dinner with the lobster bisque. I am a fan of lobster bisque and give this one a definite thumbs up. The soup was tasty without being heavy, a light broth with chunks of fresh lobster floating in its midst. The texture was pleasant, the taste was rich and flavorful. 
 Next course was the crab cakes. Peachy has sung their praises in a past review, and they did not disappoint. Fresh, filling, served with a remoulade sauce that is perfectly seasoned. 
 Next we tried the lobster macaroni and cheese. This is a unique taste, one that should definitely be ordered at your visit. The campanelle pasta was selected to capture the sauce, a blend of three cheeses: Monterey jack, gruyere, and cheddar. It is topped with a sprinkling of a lightly seasoned brioche. The addition of fresh chunks of lobster make this dish a must try. The sauce is not overpowering in neither its taste nor its texture. I next sampled the scallop roll. The scallops are served with a light frangelico cream sauce on a potato bun bread, with a side of cornichons. The lightness of the sauce allows the flavor of the scallops to be enjoyed. The beverage was a fresh lemonade to complete the seaside atmosphere. Overall, Claw is a great value for the price. The fresh flavor of the seafood is evident throughout all the dishes, thanks to the owner’s perfectly light use of sauces. Put on your flip-flops and head to the Chelsea shore for the tastes of Claw. 
Peachy Picks Claw New York!
Claw New York is Recommended by Whom You Know. 

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