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Monday, April 16, 2012

READ THIS: Eloise and the Big Parade By Lisa McClatchy Illustrated by: Tammie Lyon / In the Style of: Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight Our Coverage Sponsored by Folkmanis® Puppets

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My four year old son loves, loves, loves to "play parade" so he really enjoyed "Eloise and the Big Parade"! In this Eloise adventure, Eloise and Nanny get gussied up for the Fourth of July parade. Of course they don red, white and blue, sit right up front in the viewing stands (only the best, best, best for Eloise), and enjoy the parade to its fullest! Eloise catches candy that the clown throws, catches party beads that are thrown out and admire the horses of the mounted policemen. The book ends with Eloise hopping up on a car that is processing in the parade. When asked by the driver, "Which queen are you?" Eloise replies, "I am the Queen of The Plaza!" And she really is! 

After reading Eloise and the Big Parade, we were so excited! We wanted to recreate the fun Eloise had. We decided to have a parade about all the different Eloise books we've read. Each pair or group of students had a particular Eloise book they had to recreate! Once we were finished, we were able to parade through the halls at the end of the day recommending to everyone they should read Eloise. It was a huge hit!

Eloise and the Big Parade was a huge hit with my almost four-year-old daughter. She LOVES LOVES LOVES Parades almost as much as Eloise. The Memorial Day parade is a big thing in our town. So this story of celebrating the Red, White and Blue as passionately as Eloise does captivated my daughter. She practiced her reading over and over with this title. And I did not get tired of hearing it over and over again. The perfect combination! 

Celebrating patriotism is a favorite in this household. And obviously, with my children, going to a parade, any parade, is an absolute favorite activity. Now, make it a 4th of July parade and we are all in! For this reason we love reading Eloise and the Big Parade. Out in Ready-to-Read, level one, this story is a must for any little ones who are learning to read. Get your American Flags ready! 

Eloise and the Big Parade is a great book! I love any of the Eloise books. They are wonderful books for those readers who are learning how to read. The fun loving story draws your child in and they will not put the book down. I won't lie - as an adult I can't put the book down! Grab one of this book and see for yourself. 

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