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Monday, April 16, 2012

Terrific Takeout: Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table

What could be more fantastic than grass-fed beef sliders from Elizabeth's Neighborhood table on a lovely springy, summery day in Manhattan? Totally unexpected, Elizabeth's is a beautiful cottage on Columbus Avenue at 93rd street that you would normally find in a quaint New England town, not on a major avenue here. It is a total breath of fresh air.  Topped off with Roma tomato, red onion, housemade pickles and herb aioli this is a winner of a start.
Other than the countryside feeling that it evokes, the second most prevalent aspect of Elizabeth's you'll notice is how fantastically fresh everything is. The house salad was just terrific and we decided to add chicken to it; you may also add steak or salmon. A mesclun mix, fine herbs and heirloom radishes dance in an amazing sherry-lime vinaigrette. And remember, that last comment is from a girl that normally doesn't eat salad dressing. 
Finally, the Pan-Seared Sustainable Salmon was a triumphant entree to complete our Takeout consideration. Quinoa salad, wild mushrooms and leek vinaigrette highlight the true creativity of Elizabeth's! We hear it was named after the owner's wife, but of course we stopped by because Peachy's grandmother who is pictured on this site was named Elizabeth Deegan...
Elizabeth's is Terrific Takeout!
Their site tells us:
Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table starts every dish with the freshest, most local and natural whole ingredients we can find. Thoughtful American Comfort Food to us means that every last ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen to reflect it in its most natural state. By working directly with farms and co-ops, and sourcing organic, biodynamic and unadulterated natural ingredients whenever possible, we have crafted a menu which brings you back to your grandmother's table. Back to when everything was local, natural, and organic! Enjoy! 

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