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Monday, April 16, 2012

READ THIS: Eloise Visits the Zoo By Lisa McClatchy Illustrated by: Tammie Lyon / In the Style of: Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight Our Coverage Sponsored by Folkmanis® Puppets

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Eloise loves animals! Weenie, her dog, and Skipperdee, her turtle top the list, of course! On the perfect summer day, Eloise and Nanny head to the zoo. There, Eloise visits gorillas, lions, koalas and giraffes, wolves, bears, lorries and kangaroos! Eloise ends her visit to the zoo by visiting the nursery where she sings to the baby chimpanzee, watches the sleeping wombat and then gets a special visit to the baby elephant! Oh, Eloise, you are so lucky, lucky, lucky! 

Who loves the zoo more than Eloise? We do! The zoo is one of our favorite places to take field trips. After reading the adventures Eloise takes at the zoo, we can't wait until the weather gets nicer so we can go to the zoo and try to recreate some of Eloise's fun. Plus, we learned lots of new vocabulary from reading this particular Eloise book and our favorite word is safari. Since the weather is so cold, we had our own pretend safari until we can go on a real zoo one! We love Eloise! 

Every child loves the zoo. In fact this year at school my daughter stated that she was thankful at thanksgiving for her Mummy and Daddy taking her to the Zoo. Funny. Therefore, every child will fall in love with Eloise Visits the Zoo. This story from Simon & Schuster’s Ready-to Read line not only helps children practice reading but helps them learn about animals and the areas they come from. So put on your most fabulous safari outfit and dive into this fun book. 

Did the winter weather have you wishing you were on safari? Ooooh la la, me too! Join Eloise and Nanny as they spend a whirlwind day at the zoo in Eloise Visits the Zoo. A level one reader book, my 4 year old and I have a great time traveling to places such as Africa and Australia. Our favorite seems to be whispering hello to the wombat! It's great to see her recognizing the names of her favorites and sounding out the words. This is a must for any little zoo lovers out there!

Eloise Visits the Zoo is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the zoo! This book puts Eloise and her Nanny on a fun filled adventure when they visit the zoo. The story captures the adorable fun loving nature of Eloise. I can't help but love reading the book myself after all this time. Young children love this book and so do adults! It's a wonderful book to give as a gift. 

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