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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fresh, ripe and bursting with flavor is the brand new wine from Lisa Donneson's hit parade:
the 2010 Cabernet Franc.  Based in Mattituck, New York, Bouquet has been previously recommended by Whom You Know:
They are back and we love their preppy stripes that match quite a lot of Chez Peachy!
They are far more than just a pretty bottle, however: the bold taste greets you with depth of berries and plums without overpowering you, thus making this an ideal summer red.  Its rich texture has a delicate finish that we felt was balanced.  Though fruit flavors were detected, this is a sophisticated wine with a cutting, impressive flavor that would heighten a nice cut of steak, a sharp cheese, and your cocktail party!  Peachy Deegan drank this with Kilaree Kerrygold Cheddar from Ireland of course....
We are pleased to be among the first to know that Bouquet wines has launched its eighth food-friendly Long Island wine. Created with particular attention to the most evocative aspect of a wine’s personality—its bouquet. 
Bouquet Cabernet Franc has lovely fruity aromas of cherries, back currants, raspberries, licorice and herbs. It is medium-bodied and oaked, with fine soft tannins and balanced acidity. Cabernet Franc is more intensely aromatic and spicy than Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and less tannic and lighter bodied than Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc is especially tasty in a good vintage, and 2010 was splendid. 
“Like all of our wines, Bouquet Cabernet Franc was created to be an everyday pleasure for the senses,” said Lisa Donneson, founder and proprietor. “Ready to drink now, it’s ideal for parties and makes an affordable, original, locally-produced gift.” The brand’s striped labels are as fun and fresh, and reflect its bold, modern spirit. 
Bouquet Cabernet Franc is tasty with Tex Mex (quesadillas), Italian cuisine (mushroom risotto), French bistro dishes (steak frites) and mild, firm cheeses (cheddar). 
The first Bouké wines, 2007 Bouké White and 2007 Bouké Rosé, were launched at Brooklyn Uncorked in May 2008. Since then, Bouké Red, Bouké Perlant, Bouquet White Dessert Wine Bouquet Red Dessert Wine Bouquet Rosé Wine (off-dry), and Bouquet Cabernet Franc have been added to the family. Also next week, the company’s redesigned website will be launched and some very cool wine accessories will be offered for sale. 
The brand is the creation of Lisa Donneson, a wine enthusiast and entrepreneur who earned the Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). She developed the wines with award-winning French winemaker Gilles Martin, known for his work as a consultant to wineries including Roederer in California’s Anderson Valley and Sparkling Pointe on Long Island. Bouké and Bouquet wines are produced at Premium Wine Group, Mattituck, New York. 

Glass by Julia Knight!

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