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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cuddle Up with the AMAZING Sleep for Success!™ by Dr. James B. Maas Side Sleeper Pillow This Weekend, and Every Day from Now On! We LOVE it!

Do not disturb Peachy!
She is busy, busy with Sleep for Success testing pillows!
She is a side sleeper so she just LOVES this edition.  
It has been a long week at Whom You Know and the best exclamation point we can think of in this busy month of May at the end of the week is a FANTASTIC PILLOW! And why would you even want to leave your couch anyway? It's the most wonderful time of the year: The Stanley Cup Playoffs! Just ask Mover and Shaker Russ Cohen... You know we love this line of pillows SO MUCH we celebrated our 11,000th post with them:
This specific model is 
made especially for side sleepers. With a 2" baffled panel it provides a raised and even sleep surface for proper neck alignment and support. The Sleep for Success! fabric helps protect your pillow against microscopic particles and other allergens, plus its thermo-regulating properties keep the fabric feeling cool to the touch and help alleviate skin irritations. Natural TENCEL Lyocell fibers, made from eucalyptus trees, are blended into the fabric and fill for optimum moisture wicking, temperature management and a more comfortable night's sleep. Cover is 50% cotton sateen/50% TENCEL Lyocell with a 300 thread count. Fill is 90% gel fiber/10% Tencel Lyocell. Standard/Queen pillow measures 18" L x 26" W x 2" H. King measures 18" L x 34" W x 2" H. Machine wash in a commercial washing machine. Made in the USA of imported materials. Includes Sleep for Success! booklet. 3-year warranty.
Absolutely brilliant.

One of the foremost sleep researchers in the country and former Cornell University professor, Dr. James B. Maas has taught sleep and performance to more than 65,000 university students and thousands of corporate executives, medical/health professionals and athletes. Through the decades, Dr. Maas has personally witnessed how a high quality pillow can contribute to a better night’s sleep, and in partnership with leading bedding manufacturer United Feather & Down he’s created a unique line of pillows now available at DR. MASS WE WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE TO INTERVIEW YOU!

“For years I have been searching for pillows that will enhance a great night’s sleep,” says Dr. James B. Maas. “ In conjunction with United Feather & Down, we have created a collection of pillows and bedding products that are of the highest quality and designed to ensure the rest that restores mind and body for a greater tomorrow. Sleep is a necessity for energy, alertness, health and feelings of general well-being. Good pillows are an absolute must if you are going to have a successful sleep experience!” 

Dr. Maas’ pillows are designed to fit the way you sleep and rest, and are available in seven different styles at All products are made with natural moisture management and temperature regulating materials that through his research, Dr. Maas has found to help minimize sleep interruptions. Sleep for Success® Bed pillows, the Remmy™ Good Night Pillow, and Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader Pillow include Dr. Maas’ Sleep Tips Booklet, an excerpt from his newest book “Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know About Sleep But Are Too Tired To Ask,” co-authored with Rebecca S. Robbins of Cornell University. 

Available at : 

· Dr. Maas’ Choice for Side Sleeper Pillow– A 2” gusset provides elevated support with an even sleep surface to benefit individuals who sleep on their sides. Available in Standard/Queen or King. 

· Dr. Maas’ Choice for Back Sleeper Pillow – A tri-chamber pillow provides a soft center chamber to cradle the head, and firm outer chambers to support the neck. Ideal for those who sleep on their backs. Available in Standard/Queen or King. 

· Dr. Maas’ Choice for Stomach Sleeper Pillow – Features gently sloping elliptical ends to minimize elevation and reduce pressure points to give stomach sleepers more comfort. Available in Standard/Queen or King. 

· Dr. Maas’ Choice for Pillow Stackers – A tri-chamber pillow featuring a 3” gusset for maximum elevation has a soft outer chamber, and supportive inner chamber that combines the support and comfort of two pillows in one. The stacker pillow minimizes sleep disruption that occurs when adjusting two pillows. Available in Standard/Queen or King. 

· Remmy’s Good Night Pillow – Inspired by Dr. Maas’ award-winning children’s book “Remmy and the Brain Train.” This kid’s pillow is designed to help children and young adults sleep more soundly, improving their alertness, mood and performance. Features a unique secret pouch, which unzips to reveal a storage pocket. One size 18 in x 24 in. 

· Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader – To help individuals with their pre-sleep ritual and prepare the body for a great night’s sleep ahead. This multi-functional European Square pillow incorporates an independent lumbar support chamber for extra comfort while sitting. Removable cover has pocket that holds a therapeutic hot/cold pack for additional comfort. One size 26 in x 26 in. 

· Stress Ease™ Travel Pillow – To help travelers get a good night’s sleep, and reduce stress and exhaustion while on-the-go. The Stress Ease™ Travel Pillow provides hot/cold therapy comfort and support in a versatile travel pillow that converts to a quilted protective cover that fits standard size hotel pillows for a hygienic and more comforting sleep experience. Covers have pocket designed to hold hot/cold pack for additional comfort. One size 11 in x 15 in. 

To learn more about the Dr. James B. Maas, his sleep research and complete line of bedding products visit

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