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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smooth Body Lotion by Snow Flower Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

It's practically summertime, Manhattan!  Is your skin ready?  Time to get your knees and elbows, arms and legs in tip top shape for summer styles and we like to do it with the Smooth Body Lotion by Snow Flower!  Smooth as silk, the white fluid will nourish your skin, bringing it to a greater state of hydration!  Peachy's time spent in Switzerland was brief, but it was long enough to know that if products in that blustery climate work there they absolutely will work in New York in the summertime.  No one wants to see flaky skin poking out at you during a cocktail party!  This formula will solve all your dermal issues on your body, leaving you ready to spritz on your perfume and pop out the door.  
Their site says:
Swiss Alpine Body Lotion has a soft, milky texture and is formulated with edelweiss, shea butter, avocado butter and Swiss Alpine complex for intense nutrition and effective anti-aging care. Apply Smooth Body Lotion all over the body after a bath or shower to slightly damp skin. Its light and fluid texture moisturizes even the driest skin, leaving a soothing humectant veil. The skin becomes supple and velvety and is delicately scented. You can also apply it after a day spent in the sun to refresh and rehydrate the skin.

Snow Flower Luxury Skin Care ( is pleased to introduce a new, exclusive line of organic and natural skin care products imported from Switzerland. New to the U.S., we are the importers of Arise Diffusion and will offer this exceptional boutique line of products to consumers via our web store, Snow Flower Luxury Skin Care is a New York City based and American owned small business and we strive to please our clients while offering EcoCert certified Swiss quality, 100% natural and organic products from Arise. The EdelWhile Whitening line from Arise contains a minimum of 96.5% natural ingredients and is quality labeled by Cosmebio. We aim to make an online purchase experience pleasant from the point-of-sale on our beautiful, fresh, lush website right down to opening up our pretty packaging in the shipment. 
We discovered Arise Diffusion from Switzerland while searching for new, organic and natural skin care. Our key interests were finding a line that would offer restorative, soothing and anti-aging results in a non-irritating way. After testing the line, we particularly noticed that our skin was more revitalized, brightened and nourished. We also saw a reduction in redness and our skin looked and felt more hydrated and soft. Arise skin care products protected the skin with high quality ingredients in a gentle and very effective way, leaving our skin calm, balanced and protected from antiradical activity. Collectively, we felt these benefits were a potent anti-aging defense and we were excited with our find. 

Extract from the powerful edelweiss flower is the principle ingredient found in every product and carries anti-aging advantages. Edelweiss richly contains natural phenolic acids which effectively act as a free radical scavenger. Nectapure complex, based on two additional plants including thyme and buddleia (butterfly bush) are contained in Swiss Alpine Cosmetic and help combat urban stress and ensure effective hydration. Mallow is an herb which protects the skin from inflammation and is very calming. All of our products are paraben and phenoxyethanol free. Arise is certified by ECOCERT, quality labeled by COSMEBIO and does not test on animals. 

The edelweiss flower, also known as the snow flower, grows at extreme altitudes and climatic conditions and blooms between July and September. Each product will help with restorative properties, block free radicals and protect capillaries, thanks to the discovery of incorporating edelweiss extract in skin care. Arise was the first company to do so and ten years of research is behind this advancement with the achievements of phytochemist, Dr. Ivan Slacanin. Dr. Slacanin has studied the edelweiss flower for over 20 years. 

"We are very excited to exclusively introduce these wonderful and effective skin care products to consumers across the U.S., for the first time", said Ms. Terry A. Walrath, Founder/Co-owner and Wendy D. Farina, Co-owner of Snow Flower Luxury Skin Care. 

Snow Flower Luxury Skin Care markets this pristine line of skin care products through its own website,

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