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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I love anything that has to do with lemons. Naturally, one of my favorite adult beverages has to be Limoncello. I've tried several different brands, but none have compared to Ventura. I love that is has a nice, smooth taste. It has a sweet note at the beginning, turning to a tart aftertaste. I typically use Limoncello as part of various cocktails and the Ventura Limoncello mixed very well versus other brands I've tried. My new favorite way to enjoy this has to be mixed with a hefeweizen beer. I would've never thought to mix the two, but it is a wonderful refreshment after a long, hot day. After trying Ventura Limoncello, I don't think any other brand will even grace my kitchen. Plus, being made in California is a plus. I fully support American made products. I highly recommend Ventura Limoncello. 
I grew up in an Italian family, so Limoncello is a big deal. My brother still makes our family's original recipe. I don't drink Limoncello often but when I do, I only drink my family's. With that said, Venura's Limoncello is delicious! It tastes very much like an old-school authentic family recipe. I am not even sure my Italian ancestors would taste the difference. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the alcohol taste wasn't overwhelming and I could actually taste the lemons. I actually really enjoy Limoncello with vanilla ice cream and Venura's Limoncello was a delicious addition to my plain ice cream. I definitely recommend this Limoncello. It is as close to the Limoncello one would find in Italy. It would make a great gift if you are attending a dinner party as well. 
Having been to Italy several times, I have drank quite a bit of Limoncello. From restaurants to homes we stayed in there I have tried quite a lot. From Ischia to Milano to Firenze everywhere Italians and tourists are sipping away. When you get back, you tend to forget how much you enjoyed Limocello whilst you were there. So I invite you to remember and embrace the urge to recreate your experiences there. One of the best limoncello’s I have ever tried is made by Ventura. Super sleek bottles entice you to open. My favorite way to drink it is probably the most traditional. Chill some lowball glasses and pull your limoncello out of the freezer and pour away. Perfect after a rich meal to cleanse the palate. 
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. An old adage, to be sure, but now, there's a way to turn that dictum into a golden rule. Just be sure to add a shot of Ventura Limoncello in that lemonade, and a splash of soda, to give it more ooomph.
The people at Ventura are thoughtful enough to give you a recipe card with each bottle of their sunny Limoncello, so you can experiment. Take the California Sunset, for instance: it calls for Ventura Limoncello, with Cranberry juice, sweet & sour mix and a dash of soda. Instead of the Cranberry juice and the sweet & sour mix, I used a natural version of a cosmopolitan mix and the results were perfectly balanced cocktails every time! The Limoncello drizzled over vanilla ice cream is another way to go, if you're in the mood to play . Ventura is a California company that produces America's highest rated Limoncello. Hand crafted, and beautifully bottled, their Limoncello would be great in a gift basket for your summer hostess. Keep a bottle for yourself on hand for a delightful summer cocktail, or as a lively ingredient in your seasonal menus. 
Of course, as a digestif, Limoncello is a great closer to a festive meal, sweet and tart as a bosom buddy.
We love Ventura Limoncello. This all natural liqueur is handcrafted from a 3-generation-old Italian family recipe. You can drink it by itself or mix it in to make a delicious drink. Ventura Limoncello 
is made and distributed from Ventura, California, and we love products made in the U.S.A. Made with care and skill, you can taste the difference. Ventura Limoncello is perfect chilled or on ice as an after dinner drink. We also tried it as a topper on our prosecco for a sweet Limosa Champagne cocktail. The cocktail options are limitless and this sweet lemon liqueur is the perfect drink for summer. It tastes fresh, and feels like you stepping into an Italian tradition. Add a little spark to your summer dinner party and add some Venture Limoncello to the table. We just can't get enough of this classic fresh taste.

Conceived in Italy, born in California 

A classic Italian drink gets an infusion of Southern California zest with Ventura Limoncello Originale and Crema and Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange from the Ventura Limoncello Company. The first limoncello to be produced in Ventura County from locally grown fruit, Ventura Limoncello is a lemon lover’s dream distilled to perfection. 

¨ A fresh California twist on the lemon liqueur that has long been a signature of Italy’s Amalfi coast 

¨ The perfect addition to the lemon-phile’s freezer, where Ventura Limoncello should always be stored 

¨ 100% natural: no artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives 

¨ Traditionally sipped ice cold after dinner (a time-honored ritual in Southern Italy), Ventura Limoncello liqueurs are an amazing mixer in cocktails ranging from lemon drops to specialty martinis to margaritas to “limosas,” 

¨ Chefs and bakers are using Ventura Limoncello liqueurs as an ingredient in dishes and desserts. Several “Chef Dinners” have been served, using Ventura Limoncello as an ingredient in every course 

¨ Handcrafted in Ventura County, using high quality, locally-grown fruit. Fruit is picked fresh and sorted to our specification. Production is year round for Limoncello. Blood oranges are seasonal and production is limited 

¨ Ventura County – the recipient of steady sunshine and temperate Pacific breezes – is considered one of the world’s premier lemon-growing regions. Over 80% of US lemons are grown in Ventura County. 

¨ Created by husband and wife team James Carling and Manuela Zaretti-Carling, a native of Rome, Italy, using a recipe handed down from Manuela’s grandmother, or “nonna” 

¨ Comprised of only four all-natural ingredients – meticulously hand-peeled lemon zest, alcohol, sugar, and water 

¨ Proportions of these ingredients and length of infusion are closely guarded company secrets that result in the award-winning taste 

¨ Ventura Limoncello Originale is America’s highest rated Limoncello 4-years in a row. Winner of the Platinum Medal at the 2009 SIP Awards in Los Angeles, Gold Medal at the 2011 & 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

¨ Ventura Limoncello Crema was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2010 LA SIP Awards 

¨ Ventura Orangecello Blood Orange was awarded Double Gold, “Best in Class” honors at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

¨ Hand-crafted start-to-finish: Each bottle bears a hand-written batch number 

¨ Limoncello Originale was launched in February, 2008. Limoncello Crema was released in October, 2008. Orangecello Blood Orange was launched in April, 2011

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