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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fantastic Fall Fashion: The Nantucket New York Geiger Superlight Hooded Anorak Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

 Geiger is correct: The Nantucket New York Geiger Superlight Hooded Anorak IS the perfect partner for a stroll down 5th Avenue-we tested it here in Manhattan!  We have yet to try it on the beach as they suggest, but in a few months we know it will be perfect.  While some of us freeze in wintery overly air conditioned offices right now, inside in August this also could be perfect!  The The Nantucket New York Geiger Superlight Hooded Anorak zips up like a breeze and the pockets are strategically flattering on the sides.  
 100% Pure New Wool, this Geiger look is sure to be a surefire classic straightaway, as have all of their looks since 1906.  Check out our feature on the latest and greatest in the family, Elisabeth:
...and, little Peachy Red Ridinghood is all ready to Brave the Cold this winter~!
Don't get too too cold though, big bad winter!
A History of the Geiger Brand previously featured by Whom You Know:
Most Geiger items are available in a multitude of colors and we love their jewel tones.  Here's what their model looks like with it in purple:

Thank you to Gabriel's, a Peachy's Pick, for being a gorgeous backdrop and great photographers! Thank you to The Cutler Salon for making Peachy's hair gorgeous!

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