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Thursday, August 30, 2012

TOP TEETH: Cosmopolitan Dental, Led by Our First Mover and Shaker, Dr. Garo Nazarian, Continues to Shine As the Best Dentist in Manhattan! If You Don't Love Going to the Dentist, It's Because You Haven't Met Garo Yet!

Dr. Garo Nazarian, doing volunteer dentistry in Armenia Summer 2012

If you knew Peachy as a child, she was the kid that wouldn't open her mouth at the dentist unless she was bribed by a good shopping trip which worked well noted her family.  She did not like it one bit.   However, of course she went every six months of her life and went as a medical obligation.  There were not massaging chairs or the myriad of other creature comforts you find at Cosmopolitan Dental today, just steps from Grand Central in New York.  After a decade of braces and a lot of teeth pulled, she was determined to keep her teeth up to par as an adult and always has gone to a dentist and you should too.  If you read Whom You Know on a regular basis, you know she is very yay-rah-rah Boston College and Garo Nazarian is one of her friends and classmates from BC.  Now he's Dr. Garo Nazarian.  And in Feburary 2006 when Garo started Cosmopolitan Dental, Peachy Deegan was absolutely thrilled to be his second patient ever, after his sister.  Note this was three years before Whom You Know started, and she was singing his praises then and has never missed an appointment.  Garo really is a living embodiment of EVER TO EXCEL.
Aside from the fact that she can chat with Garo about how the Eagles are going to kill it on Saturday in Miami, Peachy knows there are other top reasons to go to Cosmopolitan Dental.  First of all, Garo is brilliant.  Not only did he graduate from BC, but he also graduated from Columbia Dental School, for all of you that value the Ivy education that are reading us.  He's very down-to-earth and not at all an elitist, and relates to all kinds of people.  Second of all, Garo is a sincerely nice person.  Above is a photo of him on his 5th consecutive trip to Armenia, where he goes faithfully every summer to volunteer as a dentist to those who are less fortunate.  We could go on and on but another aspect about Cosmopolitan Dental you should know is how pristine and clean it is, everywhere.  We love it.  And it has expanded quite a lot in the last six years.
Here is Helen!  Helen has been office manager since day one when Cosmopolitan Dental opened and she does a great job.  She is always upbeat and smiling, ready to greet you.  She reminds you of your appointments, which you will never want to miss anyway.  The waiting room at Cosmopolitan Dental has it all from a coffee bar:
to comfortable leather stately bucket chairs, to soft music playing that is NOT dentist music, to a television with close-captioning.  Seinfeld was on when we were in yesterday.  Magazines are displayed with class neatly in clear binders.  We love the sense of warmth and welcome everyone receives when they get there, and we also love that we are never kept waiting.  Cosmopolitan Dental values your time and behaves professionally.
We were thrilled to meet the latest and greatest of Cosmopolitan Dental, and her name is Colleen Whalen!  Quite a thorough professional, Colleen was the one who cleaned Peachy's teeth this time!  Like Garo and Peachy, her ancestors are from Ireland and we would love to hear about her and Garo volunteering there sometime too.  But in the meantime, all Irish people can head to Lillie's...and then when your teeth need to be cleaned after, guess where you go!  To see Garo and Colleen!
She shows genuine concern and care as she makes sure every tooth is in order from taking all the x-rays at the beginning to the scaling and cleaning that follow it.  She even is nice enough to take Mr. Thirsty out so you can periodically chat with her.  We can tell she is already an asset to this stellar team, and she joined this past spring.  She cannot talk about Boston College football yet but we do have high hopes for such learning if she hangs around Garo long enough-Colleen just make sure that Regis does not convince you to cheer for Notre Dame, or we may make you bet with us too.  She is extremely personable and shares our affinity for coffee (did you see our exciting coffee news today) and has an appreciation for shoes made in Italy, another of our favorite topics of course.

After Colleen has done a thorough cleaning, Garo comes in and does a final check of your mouth and x-rays.  The news you all have been waiting for?  Peachy again has no cavities.  You're never fully dressed without a smile, and having a great white way to smile at the world with is the most fashionable asset this upcoming fashion week (get excited for what we're going to do with Mover and Shaker Rodney Cutler for it) and every day!  And, if you need to be straightened out, remember to go see Mover and Shaker Dr. Daniel Kuncio:

Cosmopolitan Dental is the Official Dentist of Whom You Know.  We continue to give Cosmopolitan Dental Our Highest Recommendation.
The Best Dentist in Manhattan 
 Official Dentist of Whom You Know:
30 E. 40th Suite 1001
212 683 1960
Dr. Garo Nazarian is a Mover and Shaker:

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