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Monday, October 22, 2012

PETSVOTE©: Give Paws a Chance! memBrain announces Psychedelic Fur with PETSVOTE© 2012 Election gear for BARK OBAMA and MUTT ROMNEY, Recommended by Whom You Know! Jett the Chocolate Lab Models Mutt Romney and Comments on the Debate Tonight

Hello Whom You Know readers!  My name is Jett and you've seen me before here:
That's right-I'm Peachy's cousin (I bet you didn't know she was part chocolate lab!) and I've been here from the start-you haven't heard from me since 2009 though-I've been busy having fun swimming in the river and such.  Now I am the coolest dog in the Northeast woods with my Mutt Romney collar and leash!  I LOVE THEM!~!!!  Our pal Lori Lambert made them, and we knew they'd be fashionable - Beverly Hills oooh la la!  Right up there with Manhattan and Connecticut we'd say.
Dressing up I knew would become inevitable for me as Whom You Know grew as there was that Easter when my poor brother Tazzie had to wear bunny ears that Peachy made....but this time she picked out something quite cool-a patriotic outfit for election day PETSVOTE by Lori's Psychedelic Fur!  
I sure can't wait until the debate starts at 9pm because I have my team colors on now-check out my uber-patriotic Mutt Romney collar. I am a pure vision of a breath of fresh air as this new session commences; check out my dour expression when the President spoke last time:
Here's what I said here: "Heard it all before obama..."  
See how sad I was before my awesome Mutt Romney gear!
It's a new dawn and it's a new day so I am also breaking out the Mutt Romney tshirt, Made in America of course.   I think I will be ordering the most extra large size next time....Made in America is the best and totally the way we roll in this family as you can tell.  Our Grampy was a decorated World War II veteran with a Purple Heart and we are very proud of him and we always buy everything Made in the USA!
Total quality-be sure to order one for your doggie too!
Finally, here is a joke from our fellow Mutt Romney supporter, Emma.  Here's Emma:
Emma just told me a joke:
Q. Have you heard about McDonald's new Obama value meal?
A. Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it!

PETSVOTE©: Give Paws a Chance!
memBrain announces Psychedelic Fur with PETSVOTE© 2012 Election gear for 

Beverly Hills, September 13, 2012 – memBrain Licensing, a Beverly Hills-based licensing and brand marketing firm, announce today that, once again, that silent majority will have a chance to declare its political paws-ition on 

From now through November, New York and LA-based Psychedelic Fur™ will be tracking the pup-ular vote for BARK OBAMA and MUTT ROMNEY online at, and votes will be tallied regularly.

Dog lovers can also register their votes through a exclusive line of adorable pet tees and accessories by PETSVOTE© - emblazoned with official campaign-style logos supporting BARK OBAMA and MUTT ROMNEY – a declaration of your pup’s faith in the American electoral system. The tally will be derived from the running total of orders for the items of each canine-didate. 

Over the years, consumer goods with the names of Presidential candidates have at times been surprisingly predictive of actual election outcomes.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales will benefit BEST FRIENDS, one of the largest no-kill animal adoption and rescue organizations in the world. 

The PETSVOTE Bark Obama and Mutt Romney lines will launch with limited edition tee-shirts, bandanas, leashes and collars. memBrain is working with Psychedelic Fur/PetsVote to create a range of products (for people and pooches) that will harness the love that people have for their pets.

Said Jennifer Sullivan, President of memBrain Licensing, “PetsVote© is an incredible platform that empowers pets and the people that love them. The pet industry continues to demonstrate resiliency - even in this tough economy – and we are thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary ‘campaign.’” 

In 2008, PetsVote© products for Bark Obama and McCanine were featured in People Magazine, Us Weekly, Redbook and seen on the Martha Stewart Show, CBS News and Fox News, and sold out at pet boutiques around the country!

Give Paws a Chance!

Psychedelic Fur™. and PETSVOTE © are the creation of Lori Lambert, a 20+ year entertainment industry veteran and her Los Angeles based partner, Teri Hertz. 

Psychedelic Fur™ markets its line of pet T-shirts, leather and suede dog jackets, and pet accessories through direct online sales , third-party online sellers, and boutique retail.

All Petsvote products are MADE IN THE USA.

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