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Monday, January 14, 2013

Downton Abbey Season Three Episode Two Given Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation Our Coverage Sponsored by Maine Woolens

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Here's Season Three Episode One which you ought to start with:


It is all wedding bells all over again, and this time, Lady Edith (though in our Jimmy Fallon devotion, now every time we think of her we think HEDITH from Downton Sixbey!) is involved.  Character development continues to be at its best ever, and even Daisy is getting a bit edgy: "Maybe I should be more outspoken and say what I really think!"

A visual that no one thought they'd ever see of note is the Earl of Grantham sitting at the table with three (potential) sons-in-law...and the faces of these three if you started at Episode One Season One is certainly shocking in contrast as time has gone on.

Cousin Isobel is scheming for good still and has a new latest and greatest project to Save the World, and Cora assures Mrs. Hughes that the Granthams will do all they can if she needs saving too...and who could be receiving letters from a dead man and what would it mean?

The ever-devoted Anna has her thinking cap on still for her beloved, and visits Mrs. Bartlett who is ever-enlightening.

So, what do we learn in this one-hour episode?
Being tested only makes you stronger.
And, of course no episode is complete without some Dowager Countess wisdom:
"Sybil, vulgarity is no substitute for wit,"she tells her granddaughter.

In conclusion, dashing away with a smoothing iron this series continues to steal our heart away.  Season Three Episode Two of Downton Abbey has earned our highest recommendation! How many hours until Episode Three next Sunday?!
Do Join Downton Abbey is PEACHY

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