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Monday, February 18, 2013

Blue Crab Bay Co. Cream of Crab Soup Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! We are Thrilled to Kick Off Coverage of Blue Crab Bay Company Specialty Foods by the Amazing Pamela Barefoot!

All of Blue Crab Bay Company products bring back memories of time spent by the shore with great friends and fresh seafood.  
Beautifully packaged, Blue Crab Bay Co's products make perfect gifts for the exacting hostess or host.  
This is one gift that will be appreciated and used.
This soup could not be easier to assemble and is elegantly delicious and t
he high quality of this crab soup allows the inventive cook wide berth to improvise with seasonings and accompaniments.
I served this crab soup with raw cream, a dash of Korean chili and chopped chives. My dinner guest enjoyed every bit of it and was surprised to learn it came from a can. 
This deeply flavored soup is equally suitable for summer and wintertime meals. Simply update your garnishes to reflect seasonal produce.
Growing up in New England, I've had my fair share of excellent crab soups. I typically find cans of soup disappointing, but not Blue Crab Bay Company's Cream of Crab soup! They truly bring canned soups to a new level! This soup had amazing flavor to it. It has a slightly spicy taste from the Chesapeake Bay Style Seasoning which I enjoyed quite a bit. I prepared it with half & half because I like my soup to be thick and rich. This was the perfect lunch to enjoy on a cold, winter afternoon!
There is a famous restaurant in Philadelphia, where I grew up, that my Mother took me to for special occasions. Oh, yes, the ambiance, etc. is/was/shall always be delightfully upscale, but somehow, with just one can of Blue Crab Bay Company's Cream of Crab soup, the memories came flooding back. Step one: buy the can. Step two: open the can. Step three, go wild! Make any combination you choose, using this can of soup as the base: a chowder, a casserole, or all by itself. For interested parties, the sauté prepared for this dish was: carrots, celery, shallots, then simmered in rice milk, and served with buttered croutons. Bring on the snow, bring on the winter. Relief is just one little can away!
I am always looking for new soups to try. When I saw the Cream of Crab soup by Blue Crab Bay, I was super excited to try it. When I'm out visiting the east coast, I always have to have something with crab. I was not disappointed with this soup. I mixed it with half & half and milk. It was so creamy and very flavorful. I didn't want my spoon to hit the bottom of the bowl. I can't wait to get more of this fabulous soup.

Cream of Crab Soup is the ultimate comfort food of the Chesapeake Bay region. Traditionally served at elegant dinners, its rich and creamy consistency is highlighted by the delicate meat of the blue crab. Blue Crab Bay Co.’s Chesapeake Bay Style Cream of Crab Soup is accented with our traditional Chesapeake Bay Seasoning, giving it a slightly spicy flavor.
Combine the contents of the 15-ounce can with an equal amount of half & half. Heat gently until thickened. Do not boil. We recommend garnishing with a little crabmeat and a splash of sherry.

Blue Crab Bay Co.’s story
In 1984, Pamela Barefoot had a dream: to move to Virginia’s Eastern Shore and survive with her creativity. The rural coastal peninsula, bounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, offered a blank canvas for entrepreneurial opportunity, inspiring Barefoot to start her own business. Driving around the back roads in 1985, she envisioned items such as spice blends for clam and crab, two seafood species prevalent in the Chesapeake.

On the table in her farmhouse kitchen, she mixed seasonings and dreamed of specialties that would embrace the flavors of the region. That canvas began filling with all sorts of possibilities, including the creation of local jobs, raising awareness of the region’s natural resources, and getting her new homeland on the map. Not long after she began, she rented space above a waterfront restaurant and immediately experienced a devastating fire. She moved her fledgling business back home. Then Hurricane Gloria hit, causing significant damage.

Undaunted by the setbacks, Barefoot became more intent on realizing her vision. In 1986, she entered a contest in a national women’s magazine and wrote: “I envision someday having a multi-faceted operation … including mail order, wholesale regional foods, corporate gifts, and a retail shop.” Her entry netted an award of $7,500 and major national publicity.

Business steadily increased, and like the blue crab of its logo, the company experienced several moltings. Barefoot’s hard work paid off. In 1999, she was named Virginia’s Small Business Person of the Year, and in 2003 the U.S. Small Business Administration tapped her as one of the nation’s Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs.

Today, her Bay Beyond Inc., a Virginia certified Small, Women & Minority Owned business enterprise, markets the Blue Crab Bay Co.® brand, which features award-winners such as Sting Ray® Bloody Mary Mixer with Ocean Clam Juice; coastal themed snacks such as Barnacles® and Dune Buggies®; seasonings; seafood dip kits; and fishnet-wrapped gift packs. Product expansions include Blue Crab Bay Co. Stoneware by Dovis Designs©, which includes kitchenware, dinnerware, and serveware with a striking hand-painted blue crab motif; Bay Beyond® gourmet shelf-stable imported crabmeat; and Inner Ocean® nautical glycerin soaps, handmade with seaweed harvested from the Shore’s pristine marshes.


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