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Monday, February 18, 2013

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE with the latest and greatest in Chez Peachy: Maddie Bedding Set in Pink & Green Recommended by Whom You Know

Once upon a time, there was a girl who grew up in a small town in Connecticut that is so preppy, it is listed as a preppy town in The Preppy Handbook by our friend Carol Wallace (we hope you saw the Season Finale of Downton Abbey last night which Carol also inspired-even ask Julian Fellowes who says so!).  This girl was dying to get out of the small town because she thought nothing would happen to her there, and her dream was to go to Boston College, because they had a hockey team and she wanted to be commissioner of the NHL - and told everyone that once that dream came true and she moved to Chestnut Hill.  However, first things first-she needed to plan the decor of the dorm room prior to arriving on Upper Campus.  

If you have not guessed, the girl we are talking about is Peachy Deegan, and Peachy's roommate informed her that she had a Fendi comforter and what was Peachy bringing to have Peachy's side of the room match?  Peachy is a prep, and Ralph Lauren was one of our favorite designers back then, and that is the comforter Peachy chose (but this was in the age of dinosaurs before American Made Dorm and Home existed.)  This was in the golden age of when Ralph Lauren made his beautiful comforters in the USA, and this one was so well-made, Peachy still has it years later.  Now, if you go to the store to buy your Ralph Lauren comforter for your first year at Boston College (or wherever you are going-be sure the school has a good hockey team...) you will see they are NOT made in the USA, so if she were shopping for a comforter now she would be buying this one-the Maddie by American Made Dorm & Home - this is MADE IN THE USA!  When you go on their website you'll see you have a multitude of choices for all feminine and masculine discriminating tastes.  You must be careful in decor when you get to college: you want to create the right first impression!  And we love that they are preppy.  You'll remember we have raved about their monogrammed shower curtain:

If you don't know this amazing brand yet, you know it now!  They are on the rise and aft
er only one year in business, American Made Dorm & Home has been audited and certified for manufacturing its home bedding and dorm bedding in the United States by Made in USA Certified. Any company bearing the USA-C™ Seal has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to ensure that the product and process originates in the United States of America. This independent certification and USA-C™ seal ensures the products produced by American Made Dorm & Home are made in the USA.   Whether you are shopping for your dorm room or your home, this brand is one to shop at because of its high quality, stylish designs and overall commitment to excellence.  Whom You Know Recommends the Maddie bedding set!  

Caroline Eager, Founder, stated, “This is a powerful message that we are committed to American jobs and the American economy. There is a learning curve for the consumer when it comes to buying 'American made.'  
Consumers who seek American made products need to look for a Made in USA label. A comforter shell that is made overseas with overseas fabric and then shipped to the U.S. for 'filling' does not constitute made in America. In addition, some companies misrepresent their products as true 'American Quality' or claiming 'American Heritage' when in fact they are manufacturing overseas. Having the USA-C™ seal provides assurance that the products manufactured by American Made Dorm & Home are truly made in America.”

American Made Dorm & Home offers custom home and dorm bedding available online at Dorm bedding is marketed both online and to colleges under American Made Dorm®. The company manufactures comforters, accent pillows, valances and curtains made in the USA. They also carry American made towels and rugs. Dorm bedding includes the convenient Twin XL Dorm Bundle, shipped to home or school. This is particularly popular with international students, who can have their entire bedding bundle shipped directly to school.
The company was founded in 2011 to create a convenient way for college and boarding school students to buy quality American made dorm bedding. Due to customer demand, American Made Dorm® expanded to provide custom home bedding under American Made Dorm & Home. The company is a women-owned small business headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with manufacturing in the Carolinas.

Brief background on the company
American Made Dorm® was founded in September 2011, a result of the recognition that there were limited options for high quality, custom-made bedding - Made in America - for college and boarding school students. The quality of the dorm bedding is unrivaled by overseas products sold by competitors. American Made Dorm® contracted with a mill in South Carolina in an effort to create new jobs and forged relationships with six other suppliers of American-made goods.

In May 2012, this women-owned small business launched its first summer season providing American-made bedding and accessories to students. Over two million freshmen will move to campus housing in the United States in 2012. Those students will spend, on average, over $800 on back to college purchases --- $46 billion in total. Some economists predict that could result in 500,000 new jobs if those dollars were spent on American Made products. 

Consider the impact of two million freshmen buying American made back to school supplies, bedding, and room accessories. By raising awareness and providing a high quality product, American Made Dorm® strives to produce students who will support the “Buy American” movement, thus creating job opportunities. 

The company expanded its bedding line in August 2012 to include American made home bedding, and in February 2013, will debut “Liz and Roo”, a new baby bedding line made in the USA. The company sells its products through its website at and is now appropriately marketed as American Made Dorm & Home to reflect its broader reach.
American Made Dorm & Home is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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