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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peachy Picks Patsy's Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Sal's parents, Mover and Shaker Sal Scognamillo and Sal's cousin
They are all just peachy!

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Sal and Pino, who has been at Patsy's since 1979...Vinnie (not pictured) has been there since 1978

We are thrilled to bring you our review of, drumroll please, THE ONE, THE ONLY, PATSY'S!  We have known Mover and Shaker Sal Scognamillo for quite a long time now so we're not sure what took so long, but we are indeed happy to present a review of this stellar one-of-a-kind venue!  Patsy's was actually one of the very first restaurants featured ever.
After some research, we see Patsy's was featured on March 5, 2009 for the first time.  The site was just over a month old, and we interviewed Sal...
Sal's first interview:
Sal's Mover and Shaker interview:
Mover and Shaker Jenna Esposito performing at Patsy's:
and we featured it recently again in Tasty Tidbits:
THIS PATSY'S, and remember it is the only Patsy's, has been going strong since 1944, and it has been made famous by Frank Sinatra.  Do we like Frank Sinatra?  No, we LOVE Frank Sinatra just like our Uncle Joe did.  Peachy Deegan did a term paper on Frank Sinatra for Mover and Shaker Rennie McQuilkin's English class at Miss Porter's.  Established by Pasquale "Patsy" and Concetta Scognamillo, Patsy's is now run by Sal, his cousin Frank and his parents.  The minute Peachy Deegan walked in, Sal himself greeted her with one big bear hug and we met his parents and cousin.  You can tell right from the start that Patsy's is interested in doing everything right and every last detail is attended to.  Patsy's advances to Peachy's Picks with flying colors!
You know the Oenophile-in-Chief worships at the house of strong Italian reds, and we'd suggest the Frescobaldi Remole from Italy if you have the same taste as her.  Its robust versatility paired well with all aspects of Patsy's fine cuisine.
The menu is just bursting with items of delicacy that will make you determined to indulge and have one of everything for Frank if your waistband allows it.  The Stuffed Artichoke flew Peachy Deegan to the moon and if she was in the practice of singing for her dinner, this awesome appetizer would make her sing among the stars as well.  Right down to the heart in the middle which you cannot miss, and Sal himself will personally remind you to not miss it, quoting his grandmother as he graciously interacts with his clientele, who clearly love him.  Stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic, gaeta olives, capers and anchovy, this is a starter not to miss.
Again, when you arrive at the Pasta course you'll have a tough time narrowing down all the convincing choices.  Peachy Deegan was in the mood for Linguine with White Clam Sauce, and it was absolutely divine.  Little necks out of the shell simmered with olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs hit the spot.  By now, Patsy's will have you and the entire world that tries this dish on a string of linguine, and you'll be sitting on a rainbow thinking what a life, how in love you are with this pasta!
The angel of nutrition named Bloomberg who rests on Peachy's shoulder told her to order a green vegetable, so she ordered the broccoli rabe and it was just perfect.  Sal, we will trust you even when you are a thin chef which we know you will be and best of luck with your diet.  
The most difficult choice of all comes into play with the main course.  The Shrimp Scampi was calling Peachy's name the loudest, and since it's among the few dishes that is in the "History of Patsy's" on the back cover of the menu that is mentioned, and Peachy just simply loves it overall as a dish, she had to have it.  Just look at those succulent little shrimps just dying to dive into your mouth.  Start spreading the news, you need this today for your dinner, you want to wake up in this decadent sauce broiled with butter, garlic and lemon!  You'll never want to sleep or leave for that matter. 
Peachy hated to leave.  This was evidenced by the fact that all of a sudden it was only Peachy, her panelist and Sal left in the dining room...which was absolutely packed with no empty tables earlier.  She loved sipping limoncello with Sal and hearing all of his fantastic stories.  Sal, we get a kick out of you!
The Italian cookies were delicious and moist, unlike lesser places that can serve dry versions.  The tiramisu was to-die-for as well as the strawberries and cream.  As a side note, if you are impressed by celebrity clientele, note that Patsy's has all of that too...George Clooney, call us maybe!
Patsy's is the kind of place that feels like a home away from home, and when you discover you've eaten all your leftovers from Patsy's, you'll almost cry, but you won't because you'll just go back immediately!  We also love the sauce they sell that you can take home, and the cookbook Sal wrote.  Buy it here:
We can't wait to see what comes out in his second cookbook!
Our esteemed panelist adds:
The dinner at Patsy’s was a special experience. Upon our arrival, Sal Scognamillo, the restaurant co-owner and grandson of the founder, gave us a warm, welcoming greeting and introduced us to his parents and a cousin. Immediately, I felt comfortable and relaxed as they exuded much pride and joy for their legendary establishment. Sal escorted us upstairs via a circular stairway that led to an elegant dining room decorated in neutral, earth-tone shades, and accented by ornate chandeliers that provided moderately dim lighting. Our table was adorned with a single, white rose. He then introduced us to one of our waiters, who was handsomely dressed in a black tuxedo. The room set the tone for a wonderful meal.
I ordered the house pinot noir. It was light and fresh. 
 Then I started with the “clams cassino” appetizer, which was a serving of littleneck clams stuffed with pimiento, Parmigianno-Reggiano, and onions, and topped with finely sliced bacon strips. The clams melted in my mouth as the combination of the salty bacon blended with the juicy, well-seasoned portions of clam, which were broiled to perfection.
My next course was a trio of lobster, spinach and mushroom ravioli. The dish was presented with two servings of each variety artfully arranged on the plate and lightly topped with one of Patsy’s delicious pasta sauces. The mushroom ravioli had tender, fine chunks of mushroom blended with other delicious ingredients. The spinach version was filled with tasty spinach and cheese and the lobster ravioli was filled with a creamy, smooth lobster mixture.
My entrée was chicken marsala and it was quite a treat. This dish is one of my favorites, and the preparation at Patsy’s is outstanding. The chicken was sautéed in their unique combination of prosciutto, onions, mushrooms and marsala, and was tender and juicy.
A generous hunk of rich carrot cake was the perfect ending to my delicious meal. Sal prepared it a few hours before we arrived. The dining experience at Patsy’s was divine! Not only was the meal outstanding, but the friendly, attentive service, and the owner’s engaging conversation enhanced the charm of the evening. It is no wonder that Patsy’s has remained popular throughout three generations of family ownership and can still boast a long list of famous patrons. 
Peachy Picks Patsy's!
Patsy's is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Frank DiCola, Joe Scognamillo, 
Sal Scognamillo (chef)

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