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Friday, May 10, 2013

READ THIS: The Winter Classic by Russ Cohen and Michael del Tufo Our Coverage Sponsored by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company

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Mover and Shaker Russ Cohen has hit another out of the park with The Winter Classic and we were waiting until now to tell you about it, because it is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR: THE NHL PLAYOFFS! The NHL had a very rocky start this year -thank goodness for Boston College Hockey and the winningest coach EVER in NCAA History the great Jerry York whom we are proud to say we once kept stats for- and we were afraid if we told you about Russ's masterpiece too early you might not be able to give your full puckworthy attention to this new historical event: The Winter Classic, which is of course the game played OUTSIDE usually on the first or one of the first days of the New Year. 

 With only hours away from the drop of the puck in Game 5 we are sure you can hardly concentrate on your day job which so doesn't matter in the wake of Rangers drama, so perhaps steal away and crack open this winner of a book.  Now! Or read it on DC2NY on your way to Washington, which is what Peachy did!  Just leave work now and be sure to have a ticket!  And when the Rangers win, celebrate at 701 Restaurant!  Whom You Know has previously featured this author's book 100 Ranger Greats, and we are proud to say we know Russ.  
We are also thrilled the say that the Blackhawks have advanced for the first time since 2010 thanks to the total brilliance of Joel Q #3 Star Hartford Whalers alum.  Make sure you also have your Paul Mayer Attitudes Whalers shoes on to truly celebrate the playoffs:
The Winter Classic requires a lot of setup and preparation-even more than your playoff outfit, but the glory of seeing the game unfold under real weather conditions is something you cannot get in May!  We particularly liked hearing about the one at Fenway Park.  And the tailgates we hear are totally superb at all of them...they're not for only football you know!

Our panelists add:
Hockey is a very fast and exciting game to watch. I loved growing up in NYC and following the Ranger games at MSG. I even went to St. Lawrence University practically up in Canada that was a big Hockey school. So reading “The Winter Classic” by Russ Cohen and Michael del Tufo was of great interest to me. I remember when the NHL canceled the entire season and wondered what the heck they were up to. So sad for the sport and especially for the fans. This book explains how the NHL did a PR makeover for the sport by reintroducing the Winter Classic game played at the beginning of the New Year outside. So many fans grew up playing pond hockey in the snow and freezing cold. Therefore the NHL figured out that it would bring excitement back to the sport by bringing it back to its roots by playing outdoors in front of thousands of viewers. This book does a play by play of the first game back with great photos and interviews to compliment the stats. He helps you relive the excitement that was shared on that day by players, coaches, fans and everyone involved in the rebirth of the National Hockey League. Then it dives into each Winter Classic from then on becoming a real tradition in the Hockey world.
I think the book gives an inside of the players feeling about playing outdoor Hockey. It brings back memories. There are a lot of good pictures and it shows the preparation for such a big event. It made the players look like kids again and I am sure they enjoyed every minute of it. People got access to players that they would otherwise not have. The book shows how much each winter classic did for the NHL."

Whom You Know Recommends The Winter Classic!  Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with Russ and Peachy!


THE WINTER CLASSIC examines in-depth each of the 1st five Winter Classics and the superstar players involved in them. It delves into how this event has grown to be the National Hockey League’s signature event and a worldwide phenomena.

The book is by: Russ Cohen, a freelance journalist and co-host of a hockey program on XM Satellite Radio; and Michael del Tufo, the co-founder and executive editor of Center Ice Hockey Magazine. 

The book includes familiar names like Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Bobby Clarke, Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, Pavel Datsyuk, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Mike Richards, Evgeni Malkin, Chris Pronger, Henrik Zetterberg, Zdeno Chara, Marian Hossa, and Ryan Miller.

The book chronicles the rise of the superstars in this game to them reaching the pinnacle of the sport – winning the Stanley Cup soon afterwards. Both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup the year after they played in the Winter Classic. 5 of the 6 teams in the 1st three Winter Classics have played in a Stanley Cup Finals afterwards. 

During the writing of THE WINTER CLASSIC, the authors relived the snowy trip back from the 1st Winter Classic in Buffalo as well as the rain delay in Pittsburgh. They recounted the journey around Wrigley Field looking for their transportation as well as their New Year’s Eve excursion at Cheers and other locales in Boston.

From venerable Fenway Park in Boston to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, THE WINTER CLASSIC examines the four unique venues and cities that have hosted these events so far.

THE WINTER CLASSIC looks at the future of this event and what the NHL can do to further increase the popularity of it. 

THE WINTER CLASSIC is also full of rare photographs that came from the authors’ personal collections.

The foreword is written by Ty Conklin who played for the Red Wings and Penguins.

THE WINTER CLASSIC is available at your local bookstore or you can order it,, and other online retailers. 

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