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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

White Coffee's Organic Rainforest Blend Recommended by Whom You Know!

I've had a love affair with coffee for over 20 years. And just when I thought I knew all of the great coffee companies, another one has won me over! White Coffee, which has been family owned and operated since 1939, is extremely meticulous about the quality of their products, and their care is evident in the coffees they offer. They have recently come out with a line of certified organic coffees which are all allergen-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO, which makes drinking coffee something you can feel good about for your body. I recently tried the Organic Rainforest Blend and was mighty impressed with the smoothness of the blend as well as the depth of flavor. It is a medium-dark roast with a rich, slightly nutty quality, but is not too harsh or acidic. Easy drinking, and just what the doctor ordered for a warm and comforting perk-up!

Like its name, this is a subtle blend, as well, with deep forestation, and dense flavor combinations, like the rainforest itself. White Coffee includes the blend in its new launch of Organic coffees, adding to its roster of hits. White Coffee was established in 1930, and is still run by the family that founded it. Their knowledge of the coffee and service industry is vast, and they know their beans. With this new collection, they give the market an allergen-free, non-GMO product that offers flavor on a broad scale. The Rainforest blend tends towards the medium to dark side, and will be great at breakfast. The bean has a rich flavor, and takes milk and sugar beautifully, but may not be as strong as some prefer. It gets 3 stars, only because my personal preference tends to be darker beans. The quiet nature of the rainforest blend will be a welcome addition to your pantry selection, so as to have a coffee for every taste in the family.

There are so many different brands of coffee out in the world that some have trouble distinguishing the best from the rest. I have to tell you I was truly impressed with White Coffee. This natural and organic coffee delivers on taste and quality. This family run company was started in 1939 and they have been turning out quality cups of coffee ever since. The Organic Rainforest blend I tried was wonderful. This allergen free, natural and non-gmo coffee is full of good flavor, a bit dark and nutty. The kind of coffee you could drink all day. White Coffee is so committed to their products that they will refund your money if you are not happy with their products. How many companies say that these days? Trust me and try White Coffee, you won't be disappointed.

If a cozy campfire could be a perfume it would smell like a just opened bag of White Coffee Rain Forest blend. It's a strong cup of Joe, but without any bitterness. I brewed it with bottled water as recommended.  There was a slight sweetness even without sugar. This time it seemed imbued with the flavor of Dark Chocolate. This led to an almost mocha-like taste. The city I live in has a franchise coffee establishment on nearly every corner. Their aim seems to be coffee that will knock your socks off in an effort to be memorable. You can smell it out on the street. Rain Forest blend is a welcoming brew indeed; it's distinctive without overpowering. 


In 1939, when David White, father of Irwin, grandfather of Gregory and Jonathan, founded his coffee business with some partners, the company specialized in office coffee supply and was known as the White-Kobrick Coffee Co. When White-Kobrick Coffee was formed in 1939, the company specialized in office coffee supply, gradually moving into food service. In 1943, David White went solo and changed the name of his operation to the White Coffee Corp. In 1950, David’s son Irwin joined the company and as coffee consumption continued to climb throughout the 1950s so did the fortunes of White Coffee.

In the 1970s, as coffee consumption declined, they dedicated themselves to a category they would help create: specialty coffee. During this period, White Coffee began giving educational seminars. Irwin White and his wife (and current company president) Carole and their colleagues began teaching people about the intricacies of coffee and the coffee business. At the same time, White Coffee's food service business expanded dramatically.

Carole White became president of White Coffee in 1992. Jonathan and Gregory White, third generation family members, continue White Coffee's reputation for the finest quality products, innovative products annd packaging, aggressive marketing programs, a complete assortment of teas and other complimentary items, and the personal commitment and involvement to insure every customer's satisfaction.

White Coffee tells us:

Established in 1939, White Coffee is a third generation women owned own roasting facility. We have been a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest levels of quality to create only the best coffee blends. As third generation importers of fine Arabica coffee, sampling beans from all over the world to fine the best and most flavorful to produce the highest quality of coffee. 

Today, we continue to be industry leaders in sourcing and roasting the finest coffees available. This led us to produce our Organic Naturals line. We wanted a natural product and worked tirelessly to develop 100% organic coffee blends with natural not artificial flavoring, that is also gluten free, gmo-free, and allergen free. 

Our entire Organic Natural line is 100% organic coffee. Our Breakfast Blend is a medium roasted coffee to develop a smooth yet bold flavor. Our Full City Roast is slowly dark roasted blend that has a rich flavor. Our Peruvian is also slowly roasted dark to create a full bodied flavor. Our French Roast is dark roasted for a deep and silky flavor. Our Mexican High Grown is lightly roasted to create a smooth blend with a great finish. Our Rainforest Blend is a medium blend that has a subtle richness for a delightful taste. 

Our naturals of the Organic Naturals line are naturally not artificially flavored. Our Chocolate Morsel is a medium roast to allow the deep rich chocolate flavor to stand out. Our Hazelnut is a medium roast with a smooth and nutty hazelnut with a clean finish. Our French Vanilla is a medium roasted coffee with a sweet and creamy French vanilla flavor. Our Sea Salt Caramel is also a medium roasted coffee with a subtle sea sat finish that accentuates the buttery caramel flavor.

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