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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sarah Maguire's Cottage Scents Turf Fire On A Stick Recommended by Whom You Know

Burning incense brings me back to my college days. However, now you can use them to warm up your home with a great scent. Sarah Maguire’s Cottage Scents has ‘Turf Fire on a Stick” in many wonderful aromas. The Irish burned incense in their houses as a tradition. These incense sticks are all hand-rolled out of Irish Peat. So open a box and light up. Your home will instantly feel more inviting.
Ever longed for the familiar smells of home? Or your grandparents' house in the Irish countryside? With the cost of airfares nowadays, smart people are coming up with alternatives to long-distance air travel. 'The Gathering: Be Part of It' screams Tourism Ireland's latest marketing campaign: if you can at all, you should go to Ireland this year, but if you can't, there's always Sarah Maguire's Cottage Scents to warm your heart, and recreate that feeling of comfort that only an Irish turf fire can bring. The Original scented incense stick, with it's deep aroma of Irish peat, is a must on a cold New York night!
If you're looking for the comfort of a homey Irish cottage, look no further than Sarah Maguire's Cottage Scents. This "Turf Fire On A Stick" incense is handmade in the U.S.A., but once you burn it, you'll swear you're in a small Irish village. Made from genuine Irish peat imported from the bogs of Ireland, the incense is designed to bring the warmth and comfort of an Irish turf fire right to your home. The scent is warm, earthy, and comforting, and the incense is very easy to light and extinguish, which is an important safety feature. Also, unlike, some other incenses, it burns very cleanly, there is no smokey haze to worry about! Within a few minutes of lighting it, my whole apartment was filled with the comforting aroma - the perfect addition to a relaxing spring evening at home! 

One-A-Kind Irish peat incense sticks, “Turf Fire On A Stick”, create an amazing turf fire aroma without the need for a fireplace or a flight “across the pond”. These high quality, handmade sticks are easy to light and easy to extinguish.

Co-Owner, Ann Salvador, of Sarah Maguire’s Cottage Scents states, “Our customer base is filled with both Irish and Non-Irish Americans looking for a unique fragrant experience that is literally, one-of-a-kind”. 

Salvador (whose Great Grandmother is Sarah Maguire), runs the year-old company with her sister Arlene. She explains that the inspiration for this product line came from their annual visits to Ireland and their love of their Irish heritage. The distinct aroma of turf fires filled the air wherever they went in Ireland, and become part of the experience. After attempting to re-create the same experience at home, they found that the available products were too smoky, overpowering, and difficult to control---and “Turf Fire On A Stick” was born. 

To capture the magic of an Irish turf fire here in the USA, Sarah Maguire’s Cottage Scents, uses imported peat from the bogs of Ireland and hand grinds it to a fine powder. It is then hand rolled onto sticks with or without additional back scents drawn from the traditional scents of Ireland that are very familiar here in the United States: Whether it be Chocolate or Heather, Irish Coffee or Apple Cobbler, each scent enhances the aroma of the peat to create different and amazing aromatic delights.

Whether you want to recall your Irish home or heritage, love the smell and ambiance of a roaring fire, or want a creative and unique aromatic experience, USA online retailer, Sarah Maguire’s Cottage Scents, has the incense you need. 

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