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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ubons Barbeque Bloody Mary Mix Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Terrific for Summer.

We don't always drink Star Vodka in the Peachy Deegan or straight...
With the amount of Bloody Marys I have drank in my lifetime, I think could be a credible expert witness in a court of law on the matter. So it was fun to try a new mix with a twist and expand my expertise. Ubons has a BBQ Bloody Mary Mix that will make your taste buds go crazy. Not too thick so that you feel full after just one. Mix with my favorite, Star Vodka, add a stalk of celery and a pick with a olive and two pearl onions and you are on your way. A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. The flavor is intense! So grab a mason jar and fill’er up. This will certainly top your list of best bloody mary mixes on the market.
Note the awesome college on the glass and the equally stellar hockey team
Barbeque Bloody Mary Mix?!?! Who would have thought of that? Ubons did, and it is fantastic! This is a spicy, zesty mix – exactly what you want for your Bloody Mary! I shook this up with a little vanilla vodka, to mix some sweet in with the savory. Add a little salt on the rim, and it’s absolute perfection. This is such a great surprise for a Bloody Mary mix, with the underlying flavors of barbeque highlighting, enhancing and surprising you when you take your first sip. If your taste buds allow, you could spice it up a little more with some pepper or hot sauce, but I thought it was amazing enjoyed it on its own, with some simple vanilla vodka and ice. 
Bloody Mary? Yes, please! BBQ? Yes, please! Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix? Yes...wait, what?! You heard right. Ubons (same makers of the outrageous Ubons Sauce) BBQ Bloody Mary Mix is ingenious! Besides being all natural, fat free, gluten free and containing no MSG, this Bloody Mary Mix will knock your socks off it's so good. My husband always makes a big brunch on Sundays and I knew that would be the perfect setting to share Ubons Bloody Mary mix with my family. I shook "the heck out of it" (the mix) as directed, mixed four parts Ubons Bloody Mary Mix with one part vodka, poured over ice and garnished with some celery. It was a huge hit! I foresee this becoming a regular addition to our Sunday brunches! Ubons Bloody Mary Mix is unique in that in addition to traditional Bloody Mary flavors, Ubons adds garlic and onion flake, celery seed, cayenne and flavors of their award winning 5th generation Ubons Sauce! What's not to love? Is your mouth watering yet? Ubons Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect addition to any Bloody Mary; it's a must try!
Ordering a Bloody Mary is one of those wonderful weekend brunch treats. Although, sometimes for Sunday brunch, I'd prefer to stay home and make my own meal. This used to pose a problem when it came to the Bloody Mary. Not anymore. Now, I can have a Bloody Mary at home that beats out the one at my favorite brunch spot! Ubons Bloody Mary Mix uses only natural ingredients, so it has an extremely fresh taste. I would swear I concocted it from scratch! All you have to do is just add a little vodka. Then, Presto! You have the perfect Sunday morning drink!
Nothing beats the heat like the perfect bloody Mary. Perfect for brunch or a bbq, get ready to impress your guests with Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix. This all natural mix is gluten free, fat free, all natural and contains no MSGs. It is spicy, sweet, with a kick of Cajun spice and dill flavor. Simply serve over ice and add vodka and get the party started. The "sweet to heat" mix will not disappoint you. Take a trip to the south with the unique bold flavor of Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix. Bring Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix to your next party and be a hit.

This concept was first developed by Legendary PitMaster Garry Roark, in Yazoo City, MS, approximately 20+ years ago. It began as a way for Garry to extend hospitality to our BBQ Friends & Family at BBQ competitions & events. Over the years, it has become somewhat of an institution. We are always so pleased by the number of other competitors and event attendees who stop by our competition booth to enjoy a UBONS BBQ Bloody Mary. Based on overwhelming support by its devotees, UBONS has recently decided to bring this product to the marketplace. 

UBONS BBQ Bloody Mary Mix is our non-alcoholic - All Natural, Gluten Free, Fat Free & No MSG - product. The UBONS BBQ Bloody Mary mix incorporates traditional bloody mary flavors with bits of garlic & onion flake, celery seed, cayenne and flavors of our 5th generation, World Championship UBONS Sauce, which is a Memphis style, and, of course, the flavors of fresh dill pickles. With all of these wonderfully complimentary ingredients, UBONS BBQ Bloody Mary Mix has a complex flavor profile that evolves with each sip from Sweet-2-Heat. UBONS BBQ Bloody Mary Mix is packaged in a true 1 Liter (33.814 FL OZ) glass bottle.


While the Ubons Sauce formula is over 100 years old, the company as it exists today is relatively new to the scene. Garry Roark has been selling Ubons Sauce locally in the Yazoo City and Jackson, MS areas since the early 1990’s but we have only recently begun to break out of that market and into the National spectrum. 

In order to effect this change, Garry & Leslie have taken on two new partners to grow the business. The first is David Rosen. After graduating from NYU Law in 2003 he worked as an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP for 3 years. Following his departure, David became a Member of the New York Mercantile Exchange where his brother Adam Rosen had been a Member for a few years. As Members of the NYMEX, David and Adam owned and ran Rose Trading Corp. They executed customer orders and traded in the crude oil, natural gas and gasoline trading-pits. Shortly after the collapse of the MF Global clearing house, Adam and David decided to leave the NYMEX and enter the BBQ business. They bring many skills and assets from their prior careers to this enterprise along with a competitive spirit and salesmanship. 

When asked why David & Adam joined Ubons they reflect on this story as told by Garry: “When I was a boy and my daddy, Ubon Roark, would make his now World Championship sauce he would always cook BBQ chicken. We didn’t have too much money so when daddy did it, he did it right. It wasn’t too long that I noticed every time he cooked chicken the neighbors and local folks would come walking up the drive way. 

I always thought they were coming for chicken, but years later I learned the chicken was too expensive -- they were coming with jugs to bring home Ubons Sauce. The smoke coming up off daddy’s BBQ pit was their signal.....” 

Approximately 6 months ago David, Garry, Leslie & Adam entered into the necessary corporate agreements and began the task of finding a co-packer that would produce the actual Ubons Sauce that Garry’s grandmother had invented so many years ago. It was, and remains, very important that the sauce be made just as it has been for over a century. We would not allow anyone to commercialize it or introduce unnatural colorings or preservatives. After 3 months of trial and error, Ubons Sauce LLC contracted Bobbees Bottling of Louisburg, NC to copack Ubons Sauce. Bobbees makes Ubons Sauce in 150 gallon batches and has the capacity to make as much Ubons Sauce as we need in our 16 Fl Oz PET plastic “retail” bottles and 1 gallon jugs for foodservice.

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