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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fire and Flavor Grilling Company's Pork Brine Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

When I cook, I usually choose chicken or beef to be the focal point of my meal. On a rare occasion, I will choose pork. This week, I veered from my normal cooking habits and decided to cook a pork chop. Since I am not as familiar with cooking pork as I am with beef and chicken, I also decided to use Fire and Flavor Grilling Company's Pork Brine to marinate the meat. Let's just say I will be eating a lot more pork, as long as I have enough of this amazing brine! I only had to marinate the meat for 30 minutes before cooking, and my pork chops came out juicy and so flavorful. I actually had to cook more because just one would not satisfy me!
I should really cook pork more often. Now that I’ve tried it with Fire & Flavor’s Pork Brine, I have every reason to include pork in my regular rotation. This brine is light and versatile enough that you can use it on many different meats, but I tried it on a traditional pork chop. The result was simple and sweet perfection, enhancing the natural flavor of the meat without overpowering it. The best part – other than the fantastic flavor, of course – was the brine maintained the juiciness of the meat, which is especially important with something like pork that you want to ensure is cooked through. I mixed a small amount of brine into my orzo as well for some extra flavor to accompany the pork and create a delicious and simple dish that will please your palate!
Fire & Flavor Co., based in Bogart, GA, is dedicated to making simple, all-natural products which impart delicious flavor and make cooking a pleasurable experience. And I must say, after sampling their Pork Brine Concentrate, I'm absolutely convinced that they are living up to their mission! I made my first-ever attempt at preparing pulled pork with it and was amazed at the results! The brine contains flavors of lemon and sweet tea, which made it a natural for a dish like pulled pork, so I was eager to give it a shot. After letting the pork sit in the brine overnight (recommended brine times are listed on the back of the package), I popped it in the crock pot first thing in the morning, where it cooked for 10 hours. After removing it from the crock pot, draining the fat, and shredding it, I added some barbecue sauce and let it cook in the crock pot for another hour. The end result was absolutely incredible - far superior to any pulled pork I've tried in a restaurant! Easy to use and a simple way to add plenty of flavor to an everyday meal, this brine will definitely be a regular in my kitchen from now on!
Looking for new ideas to your cure your grilling rut? You should try Fire & Flavors Brines. They give your meat exactly what it is looking for and can be used for grilling, smoking and roasting. I tried the pork brine made with lemon and sweet tea on chicken drumsticks and it was great. It was so easy to use, simply add water and the brine and let it sit. You will be happy with the tender, moist and flavorful meat you created.


“Like all of our products, our liquid brines are all-natural, non GMO, fat-free, gluten-free and are made without any preservatives or artificial ingredients,” said Gena Knox, co-founder of Fire & Flavor. “As a mother, I know it can be challenging to provide your family with a great tasting, healthy meal on a weeknight. These liquid brines cut back on cooking time, but not on flavor. Plus, they are made in the U.S.A.”

With three different flavors to choose from, the brine concentrates complement a variety of cooking techniques, whether that’s grilling, roasting, sautéing or smoking. The chicken brine can be used on chicken breasts, legs or to roast whole chickens. The garlic and herbs in the chicken brine can also be added to pork, shrimp and fish. A mixture of espresso, chilies and molasses makes the beef brine ideal for use on tougher cuts of beef, such as flank, skirt and hanger steak, as well as beef ribs, brisket and roast. Trout, salmon or pork can also be substituted for beef. For a Southern twist, the pork brine blends sweet tea, lemon and brown sugar and is recommended for brining pork chops, tenderloin, ribs and butt, but can also be used on chicken, shrimp and fish. 

Fire & Flavor brines are a mixture of salt, sugar, spices and herbs that boost flavor, improve texture and add moisture to lean meats, making it more effective than marinades that only add flavor to the outside layer of meats. The brines contain just the right amount of salt to “unwind” the meat proteins, making them tender and moist without significantly raising sodium levels. 

Cooking with the brines is simple and only requires the home cook to add one part brine to one part water and brine according to the time chart listed on the package. Once opened, the liquid brines should be refrigerated and will stay fresh for up to three weeks. Each package features an original sketch from illustrator John Burgoyne, who is well-known for his illustrations regularly seen in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. 

For more information on how to purchase the liquid brines or additional Fire & Flavor products, please visit

About Fire & Flavor 
Based in Athens, Ga., Fire & Flavor is a leading marketer and producer of innovative products and concepts for preparing fresh, flavorful food. Founded by husband-and-wife team Davis and Gena Knox, Fire & Flavor offers unique and easy-to-use products for at-home cooking. Products are currently throughout the United States and beyond. Fire & Flavor products are always all natural. For more information, visit the company online at

Gena Knox / C.E.O.
As Chief Executive Officer, Gena is responsible for expressing a sustainable and achievable vision for expanding our product lines. Among Gena’s many creative talents is her unique ability to spot growing food trends where our company can establish a market niche. In addition to promoting her cookbooks and being a wonderful mother, Gena leads product development efforts and handles sales for select larger sales accounts, such as Whole Foods.

Davis Knox / President 
As President, Davis leads a staff of fifteen employees focused on new market growth for the entrepreneurial endeavor. Actively involved in product development and sales, Davis crafts the messaging for Fire & Flavor products, website and merchandising vehicles. If asked, Davis would tell you his specialty is marketing and Sales, but marketing foremost. To him, everything a company does, says or promises impacts the brand, be it positively or negatively. He works to builds on the company’s past successes and is a big believer in focusing on your strengths not your weaknesses.

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