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Monday, August 12, 2013

Whom You Know is Euphoric! Euphoria Olive Oil’s Three Liter Tin Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

As she is a Boston College graduate, Peachy on purpose did not want to go Greek back then. She was waiting for a better way, and was aiming for a school where everyone cheered for the same team (GO EAGLES!).
But she is going Greek now with more if you too want to experience great happiness on your palate!

Mediterranean cooking is one of my favorite types of cuisine. Within that genre, Greek food is right at the top of the list. Perhaps the most important ingredient when making fine Greek cuisine is Greek olive oil! It goes in just about every Greek dish, and I love using it in almost everything else I cook too. However, not just any Greek olive oil will do. The best Greek olive oil comes from Greek Artisinal Imports. Their Euphoria Olive Oil is out of this world. Buy it in a large 3 liter tin because it will run out fast since you'll become so addicted. I love the smooth full-bodied flavor so much that I often just eat it with some fresh bread. It makes for a wonderful snack while cooking dinner!
In a glass darkly, well-protected from air and light, sit 500 ml of a delicious olive oil. Euphoria comes in a curvaceous bottle, made from recycled glass. The bottle may attract you, but the oil will seduce you. From the "land of the good fruit", in Messinia, the koroneiki olive is renowned for its resistance to insects and drought. It's shelf like is stable, with a warm greenish tinge and a low acidity. Acidity happens when there is a delay in the production line, from grove to finished product. With the happy little olives of Euphoria, there is very little delay. They go from tree to pressing within hours, hand picked to eliminate foreign objects. The process is mechanized more for protection than tradition, and produces a clear clean oil that you will love. Brought to you by generations of the Konstantopoulos family, with love from New York. Try making a parsley pesto, to freeze into cubes for winter pleasure. Or drizzle the pesto into your soup, or over a pasta. the flavor is delightful and rich. Euphoria in a bottle.
When a product has "Euphoria" in its name, the bar has automatically been set very high! Happily for Euphoria Extra Virgin Olive Oil, though, the product more than lives up to its name! Being an at-home cook and baker, I use olive oil in just about everything (no plain vegetable oil for me, thank you very much!), so I was delighted to try Euphoria, especially when I read more about it. Euphoria Olive Oil has been produced by the Konstantopoulos family for 10 generations, which I find simply amazing. It is made from the Koroneiki Olive, which is native to the Messinian region of Greece, known for its beauty and fertile soils. The olives are pressed within hours of being harvested, providing the freshest product, without allowing time for contaminants to creep in. Although the Konstantopoulos family and their friends have been able to enjoy this delicious olive oil for hundreds of years, it was only recently that Greek Artisnal Imports, based in Astoria, NY, was formed, to allow Americans to purchase Euphoria. So, having read up on all of the history, I was ready to try the olive oil. In order to really taste it, I didn't want to use it for cooking or baking, so I made a dipping oil for bread using the olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, pepper, and sea salt. And truly, it was bliss. The oil was heavenly, with a grassy aroma and slightly spicy finish - delicious! I can't wait to use it in other dishes - and with the huge, 3 liter tin, I have plenty of oil to work with! Highly recommended!
Fresh olive oil is great with just about anything. Thankfully, with Euphoria Olive Oil’s 3 Liter tin, you can have it with EVERYTHING! It’s just what you want from an authentic Greek olive oil. On its own, it has a perfectly light, grassy flavor. It won’t overpower your dishes; it simply adds to their flavor. Try some on its own as a dip, or add a little sea salt (like I did) or garlic and pepper to spice it up a bit. It’s a great accompaniment to rustic bread with dinner or just as a snack. I would also recommend this simple concoction over pasta with summer vegetables as well. You’ll soon be adding this delicious olive oil to all your dishes, just like me!


To be sure you are getting honest, top-quality olive oil, know your producer. Producing premium extra virgin olive oil is a time consuming labor of love. Unfortunately, there is a major problem with producers selling adulterated oils as top-quality extra virgin olive oils.

Our family is involved through the entire process of bringing Euphoria from our grove to your table. We are proud to be part of an olive oil tradition that hails back to ancient times.

Welcome to our family!
Ten generations...still the same amazing olive oil. 
The Konstantopoulos family has been making this pure, fresh extra virgin olive oil in Siamou, Greece since the 1600s, passing down traditional, sustainable cultivation practices that have never harmed the environment. The Koroneiki olive is native to our land. This type of olive is ideally suited to our local growing conditions because it originated in Messinia, a fertile region in the southwest Peloponnese, and has been thriving here since antiquity.

The secret to Euphoria's unique taste is location. Our olive trees make up a small family grove in the foothills of Mount Taygetos, where excellent growing conditions provide full sun; lime-rich, well-draining soils; and long, dry summers for the fruits to fully ripen. This microclimate gives Euphoria its unique taste. You will find the same Koroneiki olive producing a considerably different flavor just ten miles over.

Care in our harvesting practices means quality oil. We harvest our olives by hand in December and early January when flavor components of the olive fruit have reached full maturity without compromising stability. We press the olives within hours to preserve their nutritional value and quality. Euphoria does not need to be blended with other olive oils to improve quality.

Euphoria is made from 100% Koroneiki olives whose natural qualities create a rare balance of fragrance, great flavor, high antioxidants, and stable shelf life within the same fruit. In fact, this varietal is often blended with low polyphenol oils to add longevity and flavor.

Our dark glass bottle protects Euphoria from the damaging effects of light. We realize you like to see what you are buying, but we wouldn't use olive oil that's been sitting in a clear glass bottle ourselves, and we won't sell it to you.

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