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Thursday, September 26, 2013

NHL Peachy: Our Complete Kickoff Celebration of the Stars for the 2013-14 National Hockey League Season! Includes Interviews with 21 Players on Video, So Get Excited for the Drop of the Puck With These Fascinating Interviews-The Stars Are Coming Out, and They Will Shine.

One huge thank you to the National Hockey League for working with us!  And thank you to all of the players that traveled to Newark from their respective cities to speak with us; we are honored.  As you can see by the videos posted from the past couple of weeks, we had the chance to interview the brightest stars of the sport recently to celebrate the commencement of the NHL Season which was nothing short of a dream come true for a journalist.  We did not introduce them because they need no introduction: these are the stars living their dream and they come from all over the world to contribute their talents to this sport we love.  Unlike baseball or American football, hockey really is international.  Our introduction to this column is here, and this post is our conclusion of these season kickoff interviews, and we hope to follow it up with working with all of the teams.

Aside from being in school, shopping, working and reading, Peachy Deegan has spent more of her life at a hockey game than doing any other one thing, and most of that at the Hartford Civic Center before the end of the Hartford Whalers.  If you are wondering why Whom You Know has been dominated by the greatest sport ever in recent past video posts, you should not wonder because it is something we always loved however did not know how we wanted to publish on it on a grand scale.  We have had some excellent interviews with our friend, hockey legend Mover and Shaker Andre Lacroix, who should be hired to run an NHL team in our opinion.

Interviews with this many stars seemed like the perfect way to start, and we encourage you to click on all links (they are short) to get to know the players, because it's not who you know, it's Whom You Know.  When you know them it is more fun to watch the games-take our word for it.  They look different in suits and not in uniform, and they talk about the season start, the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and many topics Peachy Deegan asked them that probably the typical hockey writer would not.  Since she once did a term paper on the rise of Americans in the NHL at Boston College (class was the History of Sports with the late professor Andrew Buni), she had questions for the Americans about being American in the NHL.  Ever wonder what it's like to lift the Stanley Cup?  Watch this.  They told us about their idols and favorite cities to play in.  We learned about where to get octopus in Detroit, which is crucially important.  More topics of interest include favorite fashion designers, lucky ducks who get to go to the beach and play hockey, flying high, flying compared to hockey, singing skillshot spots to go out in and of course of paramount importance, favorite footwear.  You will also be interested to hear the one thing the world does not know yet about Mario Lemieux from Sidney Crosby, who could not possibly be in trouble for telling us this interesting fact!  We hope you are all entertained and enlightened.

If you don't like hockey yet, you can see that these guys like many of the same things you do if you are already reading us...before these interviews we covered our first official hockey fashion feature.

New York in particular-baseball teams are disappointing you, Tom Coughlin's Giants are having tough times....why not redirect your attention to the New York Rangers?  Henrik Lundqvist should be running for mayor.  Note that New York is the only place around that has access to 3 teams when you include the New York Islanders who eventually will be playing in Brooklyn, and the New Jersey Devils.  The Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals are not far away either.

And finally, a note to Universal Pictures: You are filming Dumb and Dumber To.  (To is supposed to be spelled wrong as you know where they are coming from-it's not Smart and Smarter).  We'd highly encourage you to see the Henrik video where he says his favorite movie.  We can't think of a better cameo appearance...

We are about the best of Manhattan, so after the New York Rangers, who get geographic preference, this list is in alphabetical order by city.  21 players are interviewed below on video.

New York Rangers
Henrik Lundqvist

Anaheim Ducks
Ryan Getzlaf

Boston Bruins
Tuukka Rask

Calgary Flames
Mike Cammalleri

Carolina Hurricanes
Eric Staal

Chicago Blackhawks
Jonathan Towes

Colorado Avalanche
Matt Duchene

Detroit Red Wings
Jimmy Howard

Edmonton Oilers
Jordan Eberle

Montreal Canadiens
Brendan Gallagher

Nashville Predators
Shea Weber

New Jersey Devils
Martin Brodeur
Andy Greene

New York Islanders
Matt Moulson

Ottawa Senators
Jason Spezza

Pittsburgh Penguins
Sidney Crosby
Evengi Malkin

San Jose Sharks
Logan Couture

St. Louis Blues
David Backes

Vancouver Canucks
Ryan Kesler

Washington Capitals
Alex Ovechkin

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