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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Terrific Takeout: The Carnegie Deli Our Coverage Sponsored by Maine Woolens

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New York is known for its delis but be aware: not all delis are created equally.  Not all of them have meats smoked and cured in their own plant.  And not all of them have an owner as dedicated to quality as Marian Levine, who's father took over this meat mecca in 1976.  A very good year, if you know us.  
We first featured Carnegie Deli in 2011:
We thought it was so great we even reviewed the book written on it:
Some delis are just superior and this is where we go when we are dying for corned beef, which is not only for St. Patrick's Day.  Every day is St. Patrick's Day if you ask Peachy.  We had the Carnegie Deli Corned Beef which is simply out of this world.  This is the stuff that dreams are made out of.  Above is an aerial shot.  Below is from the side so you can see the height of this sandwich.  No one is asking where's the beef here.
The ooozing goodness of the swiss cheese and the hearty rye bread-which you'll have to take our word for it-is buried below the succulent meat-will win you over.  Everyone knows people come from far and near to go to The Carnegie Deli!  There are a lot of spots in Manhattan that are well-known but when you actually go there, not all of them live up to their reputation and some of them merely ride on the coattails of their reputation.  At The Carnegie Deli, quality is the bottom line on every item we tried and they totally measure up in consistency as well, living up to their reputation.  Every time they shine.  And, you must have the pickles with your sandwich!

To balance out the sandwich we added a salad to our meal.   It was gigantic and note portion size here is extremely generous so arrive hungry!  Salami, turkey, bacon, American cheese, tomato and onion festively combine with the fresh lettuce, carrots, olives and tomatoes.  This salad is a meal in itself!
You may not pass go and collect $200 without trying the amazing Egg Cream.  If you are in the dark about this blissful concoction, it is seltzer and chocolate and one of the best non-alcoholic beverages in New York!  Finally, you ought to know that their Matzoh Ball soup rocks.  Never has Peachy Deegan liked this kind of soup before - at other places she has found it to be bland - but at the Carnegie Deli they kick it up several notches with superb spices including dill and chunks of chicken, and we suppose (Peachy is Catholic) that THIS is the way Matzoh Balls are supposed to be.  We have been enlightened and we think this is one of the best soups we've ever had so be sure to try it this winter!
Yes, the Carnegie Deli is absolutely Terrific Takeout.  

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