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Monday, April 7, 2014

Terrific Takeout: Le Marais Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Owner Jose Meirelles
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 One of the best spots to eat in Times Square is a wonderful French brasserie/steakhouse located on 46th street between sixth and seventh avenues: Le Marais.  We were absolutely delighted to meet owner Jose Meirelles who originally started Les Halles along with his partner Philipe Lajaunie. Jose is a native of Portugal and came to America in 1983, and has been the original owner of Le Marais since 1995.  We are thrilled to feature this amazing place again! There is very little turnover here: Executive Chef Mark Hennessey has been at Le Marais for ten years.  The name Le Marais is a Jewish neighborhood of Paris.
Le Marais is a Peachy's Pick and was first featured in 2012:
In this review, we began with the freshest of salads; the angel of nutrition (still) named Bloomberg that sits on Peachy's shoulder smiled with delight when he understood two salads were involved.  We believe less is more and Peachy picked out the Salade Verte: Mesclun salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  The leafy greens were robust and crisp and the dressing perfectly accentuated the salad. We loved this salad, and the next:
 Ooh la la vous should know that the most popular salad at Le Marais is the Salade D'endives et Poires: Endive salad with frisee, beets, roasted pear, and pumpkin seed vinaigrette.  It is an adventurous culinary endeavor and in our incarnation, homemade granola also came to the party.  
In this divine concoction, we loved the pears the most. 
 You'll love the atmosphere in French, especially if you took six years of it in school like Peachy did.  (Marie-Claire Charton is our beloved teacher, now retired in Marseille.  Mlle Charton- do you have a computer yet?  With a google alert set up with your name?) 
 A total winner in the appetizer category is without a doubt the triumphant Saumon Fume Garni-classic smoked salmon.  So fresh!  Sliced to perfection!  Garnished beautifully with tremendous accents!  A dream.  
 Bien sur, and that's of course for those of you that are still learning your French, the piece de resistance at Le Marais is the steak.  It is simply one of the best steaks in Manhattan.  Peachy Deegan ordered La Surprise, and now that you've read our review and see the pictures, you won't be at all surprised at how good it looks.  But you need to go to Le Marais yourself to taste it!  It's the outside of the ribeye: tender meat.  And by the way, Le Marais is Kosher and we believe the only Kosher restaurant we have ever recommended.  We understand ribs to the neck is Kosher and from the 13th rib on back is not Kosher and can't be used.    Every bite of La Surprise was juicy, succulent and delicious and they even made Bernaise sauce!  We ate every drop because that's Peachy's FAVORITE.  The french fries were also fantastic. You don't have to be French or Kosher to love Le Marais!
 Le Marais is definitely Terrific Takeout! 

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