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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Hit Parade by Irish Shoe Brand AgilisBarcelona Continues with the Miera Navy Yucatan Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! These Espadrilles Made in Spain are JUST PEACHY for this Summer!

The rolling green hills of Manhattan.
Ireland, we know you have better grass but we have better pizza here.
In New York's Fair City,
Where the girls are so pretty,
You'll first set your eyes on the AgilisBarcelona Miera Navy Yucatan.
As Peachy hails the yellow taxi,

and jumps in the backseat,
Crying, "We finally found an awesome shoe company that's from Ireland!"
(and if you don't know the Molly Malone song, do learn it here.)

Walk this way, and that means you too, Steven Tyler.
Spanish Heart Modern Sole
AgilisBarcelona present espadrilles with comfort like never before. Providing the latest SOLE technology in wellness footwear merged with century’s old tradition of hand made footwear by Spain’s finest artisans.  They were first featured here, and this is their second feature.
AgilisBarcelona was born in Spain in the year 2012 by a group of professionals with over 50 years experience in the world of wellness and healthy footwear. The espadrilles of AgilisBarcelona are handmade in Spain, combining the latest technological advances in biomechanics with artisan tradition in footwear production, resulting in the most comfortable, healthy and stylish espadrilles you've ever worn. Agilis=Agile in Latin.  Though they are made in Spain, the company is IRISH as we mentioned so your Irish feet will be smiling.  And if you think your feet are not Irish they will be when you're wearing these winners!
We adore the navy and the combination of navy and white is ideal until Labor Day.
 Note that Miera is pronounced Meera like our friend Mover and Shaker Meera Gandhi who is half Irish herself.  So yes, we did like the shoe name too... 

 We found these to be super comfortable to wear and the fit is excellent.  They are functional as well as cute for a preppy sundress or going to the beach.  Or if you are here like us, walking to the park.  But they surely will be making the trip with you when you go away! 
In style as well, since they are designed by Juana-Maria Salvas, one of the designers and developers of Spain's most renowned footwear. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York in 1996 she returned to Mallorca, her hometown, to join the family business of high quality shoe production for women. She developed her skills for seven years in the design department of the Spanish brand Farrutx. In 2003, she joined the Inditex group, responsible for design footwear department Zara Woman, where she had the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the business of fast changing fashion. In 2007, she began her career as a freelancer for different companies. Currently  Juana Maria heads up designing and developing products for AgilisBarcelona .

 They are expertly stitched and made well: check out the diagram of the sole:
Each pair of AgilisBarcelona espadrilles provides physical benefits to the user thanks to the functionality of the shoe combined with the latest fashion trends. The AgilisBarcelona espadrilles inner soles have anatomically designed contours following the natural shape of the foot with a jute sole handmade and sewn with the same technique and craft that has been used for over 500 years. The best artisan producers of espadrilles in Spain combine their skills with the latest technology in design and construction of soles, making AgilisBarcelona a unique concept in the wellness footwear industry.  

 The traditional origin of espadrilles is in Spain, and particularly Catalonia and Barcelona its vibrant capital. This is the story that has inspired this collection, based on the heritage of style and design that characterize the city. Each espadrille has been named after a Spanish river, the life blood of this beautiful country.  The heart of AgilisBarcelona espadrilles brig clear benefits to the user. The combination of a anatomical sole designed to fit the natural shape of the foot along with the latest advances in biomechanics which constitutes Agilis footwear philosophy "TechArt" (technology + craft) AgilisBarcelona is the first brand of espadrilles that fuses the latest sole technology of the 21st century with the centuries old craft of the finest artisans both combined with the highest quality materials.
 So sign yourself up for long walks on the beach!  
In these.  Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Miera Navy Yucatan by AgilisBarcelona.

The summer 2014 collection consists of sandals, slippers and wedges.

Jeans on Peachy Deegan by Margaret M.  We like them a lot except they want the Montreal Canadiens to beat the Bruins.  (GO BOSTON.)

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