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Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Suggest Not Only Eating Your Food, But Also Wearing It With Samantha Faye, Who's Keeping AMERICA on Top with Her Beautiful Jewelry! Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Lobster Necklace

If you've been reading, you know we cover both fashion and cuisine.  To us, it's the best of both worlds when we can combine them.  We think we'll pass on eating our clothes, but you can wear your food.  Though we do not suggest literally wearing your food (we are guilty of this in times of trouble; then we send what we are wearing to Hallak!), we are suggesting this fantastic necklace of gold plate shaped like a lobster by our new friend Samantha, who, drum roll please, makes it in the USA!!!
It's well-crafted and the design is simple yet fun.  And what could be more perfect to wear during the summer than a lobster!  You will be the hit of the beach and picnic.  The clasp is well-made too which is key to active summer activity:
If you also know Samantha, congratulate her on both this fantastic necklace and her special delivery on the way!   Bravo Samantha.  A last question, do you serve this necklace with garlic butter?

Samantha Faye, a former NYC attorney, launched her brand in 2011, and has attracted the attention of celebrities, press and stores worldwide. All jewelry is made in the USA (in Rhode Island) and designed in Boston. Samantha Faye has been featured on the hit TV Show Girls and Carrie Dairies, and placed in countless magazines including People Style Watch, US Weekly, InStyle, Star, Lucky & many more!

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