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Monday, September 22, 2014

Peachy Ahoy: The Potomac Riverboat Company Washington by Water Monuments Cruise at Night Recommended by Whom You Know Our Coverage Sponsored by Maine Woolens

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If we could make it our vocation to go on a new boat cruise every night, we would probably want to do that as long as it was warm!  Recently we were delighted to begin working with The Potomac Riverboat Company and we took the Water Monuments Cruise to Alexandria, Virginia and back to Georgetown.  We love that this is from the National Harbor in Georgetown and the dock is in a beautiful, convenient area.  

You shouldn't have to think twice about if you want to go on this.  You should think about when you want to go on this.  

We were delighted to meet Charlotte Hall over the phone, a partner, and hope to meet her sometime. Presumably many of you are at work sitting at your desk right now just dying to be on a boat, so we will tempt you with the pictures and videos.  We do not have a lot to say because we believe the video and pictures speak for themselves-this is a must.  Note that in Washington the summer season lasts a lot longer and it is still very nice out there for more months to really enjoy the water, compared to Manhattan.  Here's the route the boat we took follows:
After you look at that, the pictures will be self-explanatory.  We went to Alexandria, Virginia and back, and stayed on the boat the entire time.  You could get off and shop or dine, but we were dining before and we suggest you dine with our pal Billy at Martin's Tavern, not too far away from this dock in Georgetown.  We shop in New York mostly but we would have checked this shopping out if we hadn't been on the last boat.  You would be crazy to get off the boat and take another form of transport back to Georgetown because the boat is so enjoyable.
First, you get on the boat bien sur.  
Potomac Riverboat Company Docks at Georgetown Harbor 

The Lincoln Memorial from the Potomac Riverboat Company
The Kennedy Center from the Potomac Riverboat Company

The Kennedy Center Up Close on the Way back to Georgetown

By now, you know what you are doing on the next trip to Washington and we hope to take more trips with The Potomac Riverboat Company.   We really liked the narration of the tour but not everyone on the boat we were on wanted to hear it as much as we did, so we suggest chartering your own cruise if possible.  There is a great background tour recorded that plays on the speakers telling you about the history and details behind everything.  We didn't hear it well enough to comment on it and only suggest that maybe they distinguish between quiet boats and party boats.  You definitely want to sit at the bow as opposed to the stern if you think like us:
As you can see, the only problem is that you will need to eventually get off the boat.  
If you are part of a big group, there is the most space in the back of the boat and you can sit together.  Beer and wine is available- but we spent all of our time taking pictures!

Their website tells us:
Potomac Riverboat Company, a private company owned by the Polak family for over 30 years, began as Potomac Boat Tours in 1974. Upon building the popular and authentic split sternwheeler The Cherry Blossom, the company changed its name to Potomac Riverboat Company (PRC) and began operating in Alexandria in 1984. A short time later PRC commissioned the building of the Admiral Tilp, named after a wonderful local historian and writer, Fred Tilp. Other vessels were then added to the fleet: The Matthew Hayes in 1994, named after a little known Potomac River pirate; the Miss Christin in 1996; and in 2004, the Miss Mallory.

In 2008, we built two water taxis to connect Alexandria with National Harbor and the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland, just a 20 minute boat ride from Alexandria. These two water taxis, the Lady Josephine and the Commander Jacques, are only used as water taxis.

Potomac Riverboat Company's vessels and services are based in the colonial seaport of Alexandria, Virginia, just 8 miles south of Washington, D.C. Unlike most cruise companies in America, we at PRC do not use our boats as restaurant boats. Rather, we use our boats as touring and private party/ charter boats, except for the Cherry Blossom, which is exclusively for private charters. We do not mix clients aboard this vessel when it is chartered privately. Whether you have a party of 2 or 200, the boat belongs exclusively to you.

Enjoy the charm and colonial ambiance of Alexandria with a 40-minute narrated Seaport Cruise. Or board our cruise operating between two magnificent historic sites -- Alexandria (in Virginia) and Georgetown (on the Washington, D.C. side of the river). En-route see America's greatest monuments from the river while enjoying a narrated tour. Or board a narrated cruise for a trip south to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, the number one historic home in America. The vessel stops at National Harbor and Gaylord National Hotel along the way. Learn about the history of this scenic area and the great Potomac River that begins 200 miles away in the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia, emptying into the Chesapeake Bay 90 miles south of Alexandria. Wildlife, natural beauty, spectacular sunsets, Washington D.C.'s monuments, and a rich American history await.

Don’t miss our baseball boat ( for 2014, a great way to travel to the new National’s Stadium on the Anacostia River.

We look forward to sharing our services with you and to welcoming you aboard!

 Photography by Peachy Deegan 
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