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Monday, September 22, 2014

Salon Peachy: The Goddess from Galway, Louise O'Connor Cuts and Styles Your Coiffure to Be Fashion-Forward for Fall. We Highly Recommend Louise!

The work of Louise on Peachy
 It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know and we could not be more excited to tell you about Louise O'Connor, the newest star to our column, Salon Peachy.  The highly modest Louise does not call herself the Goddess from Galway; that is Peachy's word choice based on her experience with Louise.  We had heard all laudable things about Louise, and now you only need to look as far as Peachy's face to see how well she cuts and styles hair.  Every aspect of our interaction with Louise and her staff was totally professional.  The minute we walked into our appointment, the receptionist and the assistants were incredibly kind and hospitable.   
Peachy Deegan put on a cape, and noted how spotless and clean every aspect of the Louise O'Connor Salon was.  She was super excited to have her hair done and had waited longer than usual, as she was busy spending some quality time with her friend The Pool at the Westin Georgetown.  Putting your hair in in a pool after it is colored we have learned is not a great idea...
We noted the technical side of the Louise O'Connor Salon uses state-of-the-art tools and from a beautification aspect, the most beautiful orchids punctuate the counter space.  This attention to detail show you that this is a place where it is likely you will come out beautiful too when the finer points of aesthetics are heeded.
 When we were seated, we were asked if we would like anything to drink and not only do they serve cappuccino, but they also had skim milk.  Two thumbs up from the person that does not like fat in her drinkables.
 It makes us very nervous to try a new salon and work with new people, because the results of that experience we are reminded of every time we look in the mirror and every time there's a picture taken of Peachy (unlike other reviews that we may not adore from other disciplines that are more easily gotten over).  Louise and her color director, Melissa Bridgers, jointly met with Peachy to discuss the common goal of how Peachy wanted her hair to look before anything was started.  We appreciate this and think it is essential to the hair process.
Peachy does not like any kind of redness in her hair, and that is her worst beauty nightmare, and her dark brown natural color needed to mask the stray offending lines of silver that somehow have arisen.  Peachy has subtle golden brown highlights (no red) that she wanted to continue.
"I like the tone that it is.  It's not too dark and it's not too light," commented Louise.  "For you I think you should stay with a dark base and just a few highlights peeping through.  Nothing that looks like you've had highlights, just texturizing."
"I agree, definitely stay close to your natural color," added Melissa.  "It will be nice to see a little bit of variation [around your face] to keep it soft and ensure that it grows out nicely."
As far as a cut goes, Peachy needed a trim but it is super important to her to be able to pull her hair back for the time she spends behind the computer.  
"I like it long," says Louise.  "I think we should take it up a little and take an inch and a half or two inches off.  We need to shape up around your face so that it moves when you wear it down....You have a natural wave, so with the cut, your [hair will have more movement.]" 
Melissa, Peachy and Louise at the end
Peachy is wearing Geiger get excited for their upcoming Fall Feature

You only need to listen to Meghan Trainor to know that it's All About That Bass, but we are talking about Base as in Color here.  Melissa used Color Touch by Wella 60 and 50 to match Peachy's natural shade faultlessly.  Melissa carefully brushed on the base and once it was ready, it was washed out and then we went to Louise's chair with only the base color in (not highlight color).  We enjoyed our Frozen discussion with Melissa, and who in this world does not love that movie!  (Our favorite part of Frozen is Bob Ludwig's work.)  Demi-permanent color was used on the base to ensure no redness-it does not oxidize as permanent color does.

Louise then did the expert cut, and Melissa later added the highlights.  This is an intelligent choice by this team because then once the hair cut exists you can see precisely how the highlights will fall.  Not everyone we work with has thought of this, and this sets the Louise O'Connor Salon apart.

The attention to detail by Louise in cutting Peachy's hair was absolutely impeccable because not only does her hair fall framing her face perfectly, but right now it is also pulled back in a single ponytail with no barrettes.  (If someone is too scissor-happy cutting our hair, the hair is not long enough to reach the elastic that holds hair back away from keyboard, face, etc.)  The angles of the haircut are just superb.

When adding the highlights, Melissa used
 lightener from Clairol, and she 
lifted Peachy's highlights to a medium-light blonde level.  
The final gloss/toner is by Logics and Melissa used a mix of 8/0 with a bit of 7/0 to keep the tone of the highlights cool but not too ashy, and it was applied gradually from the roots to ends to create a more natural look.  The final result gave Peachy's hair unbelievable softness, and this is one of the softest we've ever felt Peachy's hair immediately after a review.  And you know how sometimes your hair can smell like dye afterwards even after it is washed and styled?  We could not smell any dye on Peachy's hair at all which is notable!

After the highlights were done, Peachy returned to Louise's chair a second time and she polished up the cut to be absolutely flawless.  Not everyone in this world double and triple checks their work, but those that do win.  It reminded us of someone we know that has won more trophies than anyone we know with cars when he waxes them before they are judged (and you could also eat off the floormats, cleaner than some restaurants we've seen).  Louise's super-fussy work ethic is among the best we've seen and you can see it in the results.  Also we are happy that they use Lenovo - we love them too!
 The Louise O'Connor Salon is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

Their website tells us:

Louise O’Connor earned her reputation as a trend-setting hair stylist and ultimate professional through her extensive experience, easy-going personality and attention to detail. Working with the hair’s natural texture, Louise has developed signature styles that are at once modern, edgy and sophisticated.

Season after season, top fashion designers, such as Badgley Mischka, Ports 1961, Joanna Mastroianni, Versace, Gucci, Tuleh, J. Mendel, Nanette Lapore, Oscar de la Renta, Imitation of Christ, Catherine Malandrino and Victoria’s Secret, rely on Louise and her team of incomparable stylists to create head-turning hair trends. Louise has lent her expertise to special projects with Living Proof, Barex, L’Oreal and TNG Products and her steady hand to the tresses of countless celebrities including Beyonce, Elisabeth Rohm, Carmen Electra, Jessica Simpson, Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst , Shannon Doherty, Coco Rocha, Eugenia Silva, Stephanie Seymour, Joanna Garcia, Jamie Lynn Sieglar and Olivia Munn.

Always an editor favorite, Louise was named a top stylist in Allure’s prestigious Directory and her definitive word on styling and trends has been quoted in Allure, InStyle, Elle, Fitness, Women’s Health, Prevention, Town & Country and Health. Comfortably making the leap from page to the screen, Louise has worked on both sides of the camera on The View, Extra!, David Letterman, and making appearances on MTV, VH1, NBC, FOX and CW.

In 2004, Louise merged her passion and vision to create a haven where the best hair, skin and body treatments could be found when she created OC61.

Though she is proud of what she’s accomplished in the world of fashion, TV and film, Louise feels most satisfied when working with her extensive following of regular clients to find each one’s individual style.

If you're read us before, you know we are pro-Irish and pro-Ireland because of our upbringing.  (Grammy is reading up there!) Galway is in Ireland and Louise is from Galway.  Just because you are Irish though does not mean you get a good review (though maybe Grammy would have done it that way?!?!  We're kidding).  Louise's phenomenal work earned her this review.
The Louise O'Connor Salon is located at 33 East 61st Street in the best part of town in our opinion, the Upper East side!
 You will know you are there when you see Serafina, because it is upstairs on the 3rd floor!
 We have written on Serafina many, many, many times since 2009 when we started!
It is nice to know you can have great hair and top pizza at the same time-you can really order from Serafina when you are with Louise she said so maybe we will do that sometime.
We've featured Vittorio and Fabio as Movers and Shakers, and though they seem pretty busy opening up new Serafinas all over the world, they always give us a kiss on both cheeks and say "Come stai Peachy" when we see them.  
A final note,
 ...we were also sent home graciously with a follow-up treatment!
We are excited to try it.

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