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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Peachy's Pet Pals: Meet Spice, the Country House Dog!

Hello! My name is Spice and I am the Country House Dog. I am an Airedale Terrier and I love ham. I currently reside at Country House Bed & Breakfast, in Queensbury, NY, but that is not where I started. Let me begin at the beginning. 

My earliest memories are from when I was at The Puppy Barn in central New Jersey. So, there I was, in New Jersey, with my Airedale Terrier sister, surrounded by four wooden walls, perfect for sister and me to boost ourselves up to peer over the top; and what did we find; more walls, all with a variety of fuzzy creatures in them…Strange that none of the creatures were up looking over the walls like we were…but, I digress. One day, some people on twos come in and take us out of the four wooden walls. I nibble one’s ear; not bad. As sister and I are carried out of The Puppy Barn, I hear a two-legged say, “You sure you know what you are getting into? They can be a handful.” Did he mean us?

We move into a new home with more walls and our world is expanded! So much, so much, so much, to do, to see, to lick, to sniff! My sister’s new name: Sugar. Yours truly: Spice. Once we learn the ropes, we rule the roost. We run, run, run, in our new yard, eat ice cream in Princeton, and what can I say? These people love us! 

The day we moved to Country House, I refused to get in the car. I am no dummy. I did not want to leave all the Jersey fun! For the right amount of ham, I finally acquiesced, and off we went. 

Hello, Saratoga, NY! While my people worked on Country House, I lived in a hotel for months. Do you know what this means?! Multiple walks a day, my people, never out of sight, and room service any time! 

When Country House was ready, I got the grand tour. I live in the nicest dog house in the world; a yard to explore, fluffy places to nap…My favorite piece in the house is the big silver box that lights up when it is open. This is the life. And to think, my people did all this for me!

I am now 11 ½ and am the resident dog at Country House Bed & Breakfast. I love my people and we have lots of fun together. They pet me, they sing to me, we go on walks where they let me decide which way to go. I like to take them on some unexpected advenchees. I like to talk to other daughters, particularly on car rides. In the car, I like to get an aerial view, and then when I see another fuzzy creech, I shout to it out the side. What can I say? Pedestrians love me! I am very smart. I know how to train my people. I constantly paw one of my people, the one I have trained particularly well, for treats. I have a nickname for her. It is Shredded Wheat. When I tilt my head, I can comprehend English and my best naps are when my people are around talking or music is playing. I love song. 

I am a proud member of this family that picked me up in Jersey. I want for nothing. My people have never left me to myself (I assume this is because they cannot get enough of me, they fear they would miss me, they cannot function without me, or a combination of the three. I am a part of everything.) I have my own fluffy Orvis beds in multiple locations in the house and in the car (this is required for beauty sleep; one wants to put one’s best paw forward). I enjoy Special Cakes pupcake cookies on oriental rugs and I have a Twistep from Frontgate to help me into the car. I love to go to the bootee pawla. It is much better than being folded in my bed and slid across the floor to the tub at home where I resist a bath. Plus, at my vet, where I get the baths, what can I say? They love me! I also like to keep things interesting so that my people do not get bored. Like the time I jumped out of the parked car at night and got taken in by the cops. I had to wait in the back of a cop car for my people to come pick me up. You should have seen their faces! Just keeping it fresh, peeps, and plus, the cops, they loved me! 

These past 11 ½ years have been good ones – one advenchee after another. I cannot wait to see where these pad toes will take me next.

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