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Friday, January 2, 2015

Connecticut River Candles Honeysuckle Jasmine in Mason Jar Recommended by Whom You Know! Transport Yourself to Somewhere Springlike in Scent this Winter

Brrrr is it still winter?  It seems to be, and if you don't have a vacation lined up for resort season right now, a wonderful alternative is to bring spring to your room via the magic of Connecticut River Candles!  Honeysuckle Jasmine is a smashing fragrant floral that is sure to be uplifting as the January and February doldrums set in this post-Christmas/New Year's/Everything You Celebrate season.  T
his label featured the Becky Thatcher, a Riverboat that makes it way up and down the river loaded with passengers enjoying the gorgeous views.  
This is a brand that has depth-we've featured them twice before recently, and is led by 
Brenda Hunter.  She started Connecticut River Candles in 2007 after moving to a home located on the Connecticut River in historic Haddam, Connecticut. She said the river, along with a lifelong love of handmade, inspired her company and its name.   We are absolutely thrilled to celebrate a brand not only made in America, but also made in Connecticut!

All candles are hand poured in her workshop in Haddam. She uses 100% natural soy wax and the finest fragrances to make her soy candles. The Connecticut River photographs on the labels add a unique touch. Brenda and her husband love boating and it provides the perfect opportunity to take photos for the labels.  No details are left to chance with this candle brand. The candles can be ordered dyed or undyed and you can even select your lid color, either black or nickel. Soy candles have become very popular because they are eco-friendly, burn cleanly and provide a long lasting scent. 

Since its inception in 2007, CT River Candles has grown from offering just 10 scents in one jar to over 75 scents in 3 jar styles. 
In addition to Soy Candles, Brenda makes Soy Melts, Fire Starters and Air Freshener Products. In addition to providing candles for online customers and retailers, this company also makes candles for other candle companies. Yes, that’s correct… may be burning a soy candle made by CT River Candles and not even know it!

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