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Friday, January 2, 2015

Mover and Shaker Emilio Cavallini Keeps the Best Legs of the World Fashion-Forward for Autumn/ Winter 2014 and Continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

Mover and Shaker Emilio Cavallini designs the most beautiful legwear in the world in Florence, and we love gorgeous fashions made in Italy! His latest and greatest
Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is mesmerising; a pair of look-alike statuesque girls showcase the most complete collection of tights and today we look at this striped pair with graphic knees and ankles for a new hot look. The vertical lines lend elongation to the leg while the concentric circles add an aura of dimension.   
It’s classic yet contemporary look works with all possible outfits a woman can think of. The younger women have fun wearing skinny shorts over the knees with stripes or stars and mini skirts.  
The back of the leg is the major point of focus for the more sensual side of the collection with a reinvented back-seam with crystals, polka dots, floral and a flash of color. The illusion tights complete this sexy aspect of the collection.
The collection has brought back new geometric patterns that we have come to love at Whom You Know, including crochet square, herringbone, colorful plaid and subtle optical. 
Even those of you who dare to face the cold are satisfied with cashmere and wool tights that help you be glamorous even in the cold winter days.  
Emilio Cavallini hasn’t forgotten about your special night out and has included shiny studs, diamonds and all over gold and silver metallic tights. 
The colors featured in the collection are: ivory, natural, wine, lion, kaki, dark navy, dark brown, medium grey and black.  It may be cold outside, baby, but your legs can still be en vogue and look hot when you sport the latest by our friend Emilio!

Creativity and cutting edge technologies are the two assets of Stilnovo, a company which was founded in 1970 and produces and distributes hosiery and seamless garments worldwide.
Emilio Cavallini is the founder and the intuitive mind behind the company. He has made Stilnovo into one of the most competitive companies in its field. The Cavallini style has become known as innovative and ahead of fashion trends.
Throughout the creation of a collection, Emilio Cavallini's thought is to make hosiery no longer a simple intimate garment but an accessory which complements and makes a simple and personal outfit special. Every season Stilnovo upgrades his products to bring an edge to women all around the world.Since the beginning Stilnovo has upgraded hosiery to a new level and turned wearing tights into a rewarding experience.
The items produced are: ladies tights, over the knee, knee-highs, socks and seamless garments, and the line is divided into crochets, fishnets, jacquards, devoré, printed and metallic.
In its 40 years of hosiery experience, Stilnovo has also channeled its know-how in body-wear, producing for the first seamless garments. Highly automated machines allow Stilnovo to work with micro fiber and also natural fiber such as: cotton, pure wool, viscose, silk and cashmere.
All the production phases knitting, dying, ironing, printing, finishing and packing, take place in San Miniato (near Florence-Italy).

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