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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Terrific Takeout: Le Marais Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The fabulous Roti de Veau aux Champignons of Le Marais

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Whom You Know first visited Le Marais in 2012:
and we were reminded last year just how phenomenal they are:
You should know that Le Marais is the only Kosher venue in Manhattan to earn three features over the years so far, and we don't believe we've featured any sit-down Kosher place other than Le Marais ever.  So, if you are Jewish and Kosher this is where you should go, but even if you are Irish and Catholic you will love the experience and the cuisine keeps getting better and better.  Do you hear us say that often?  No.  Owner Jose Meirelles (he is Portuguese and the super fresh Portuguese bread is amazing and we could not stop eating it-the bread basket comes more full than this but normally we do not take pictures of the bread...and some bread somehow disappeared prior to the click of the shutter) 

serves top-notch cuisine from the appetizer to the dessert and you will be thrilled with what you try.  There is so much going on in Times Square - do not miss this winner.  One day we walked by and noticed it said French and Steakhouse and you know who studied French once and studies steak now.  It is not easy finding fantastic venues in Times Square...
We began again with the Saumon Fume Garni.  We are very big fans of this dish in particular.  Classic smoked salmon announces quality from the start.

We are huge advocates of a green salad at every meal and we recommend the Salade de Petites at Le Marais.  Baby Romaine and focaccia simply team up with "bacon" : this bacon is veal bacon and just delicious.  

You can tell we really trust them because we let them put the dressing on the salad for us and it is a terrific roasted garlic dressing.  Superb!  Note that their house Cabernet is fabulous.
For all the Jewish people reading us you know what that U in the circle is.
For all the non-kosher people like Peachy that is the symbol that means Under Orthodox Union.  Everything at Le Maris (we understand, they are teaching us) is 100% Glad Kosher which is one level above regular Kosher and more restricted.  There is always a Rabbi on premises to check all deliveries: a morning Rabbi and a night Rabbi and Rabbis are designated by the Orthodox Union.  All very interesting!  We like how this tells us how detail-oriented they are.
Oooh and they even use Microgreens!  We spoke to Jose (we know him) but worked with Manuel Araujo the Manager on this visit and Manuel suggested we try a new item on their menu for appetizers: Croquettes de Riz.  You may roll your eyes and think that rice balls are boring, but not these.  They have killer green olives inside with a great kick that are nowhere near ordinary.  Also they are in a caponata of tomatoes, eggplant and evoo.
It's smiling at you.  It wants its own billboard in Times Square.

We are very big on poisson (we're not going to say fish this place is French!) and we also firmly believe that a great steakhouse should have strong seafood. We were just delighted with the Filet de Fletan Saute which was perfectly light and ideal for this season when it is so hot you can hardly eat.  It's a generous portion and the pan fried flounder comes with Israeli couscous and a lovely tomato-cucumber salad that we were happy with.  Their fish comes from Meat without Feet.
Our Le Marais visit did not end with one entree: Manuel and Sous Chef Seth Rosen insisted we try the Roti de Veau aux Champignnons...
What can we say but they were right.
Normally we do not love veal, and we won't try lamb or rabbit.
We thought it might be too heavy for a hot day but we were wrong, and when we are wrong we will tell you!
Look at that succulence:
It is Seth's favorite dish on the menu he tells us.  Veal roast (Sous Vide 48 hours), green bamboo rice (which is like butter), and mushroom ragout is totally standout.  It's truly a carnivore's delight and something unique and special.  

Fruits Melange is the perfect ending and note there are blueberries hiding underneath the strawberries!  (Rangers colors taste best.)  As we told you Le Maris is extraordinary not ordinary so they don't use regular sugar, they use LIME sugar to enhance them.  Just perfect.
We love Le Marais! Of course it is Terrific Takeout and a Peachy's Pick.

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