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Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Column: Red Carpet Cuisine

Does it drive you crazy when someone is eating something in front of you on the screen that you wish you were eating?  (Especially when you are on your Hammacher Schlemmer elliptical...those on the screen do not know they are on the receiving end of a dirty look from someone we know here when we our refrigerator is unprepared.)  This column is only going to happen when we believe we can recommend an exact item that will be just as great as the show makes it look to us, so the food brand and the show brand will both have to be absolutely top-notch.  The items that we recommend are our own independent opinion and the shows will not be consulted...but you as the audience will know what to have on hand to fully appreciate the show!
Food brands featured in Red Carpet Cuisine will need to have been featured in another culinary column prior to this, because this is them having a bit of an encore.

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