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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Peachy Picks Neary's Est. 1967 St. Patrick's Day 2016 One More Year Until this Great Establishment Turns 50!!! Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Jimmy Neary has been pursuing excellence at his establishment for 49 years!
Jimmy is the original owner.
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Neary's is the most welcoming place in Manhattan, because Jimmy has the best personality of any restaurant owner ever.  Only 366 more days until this place turns 50!!!

Jimmy Neary from County Sligo Tells Us His History by Peachy Deegan of Whom You Know

Some restaurants only want to feed you. We would have a lot of reactions to that premise, but the dominant one is that when you consider that Jimmy Neary has been killing it for 49 years, anyone that is operating a restaurant just to feed you is absolutely noncompetitive in Manhattan. We actually can feed ourselves, but you wouldn't know it because guess who is pretty social.  It is an absolute pleasure to review Neary's and we are honored to work with Jimmy Neary.
Better restaurants remember you, and the very best tell you great stories! We love love love stories and we respect when people tell us something in confidence. However, you should be super excited about this review because this time, Jimmy has gone on camera to share with you some of his VERY BEST stories that we have never published before.
Someone should make a documentary on Jimmy Neary. 
If you are not in New York, you are going to feel like you've almost visited him but if you are in New York, what are you waiting for silly.  Go see Jimmy.

Take a look at this pocket watch, which is one-of-a-kind.

Read the inscription.
Jimmy Neary Tells Readers About His Brooklyn Dodgers Lifetime Pass Pocket Watch by Peachy Deegan 

Now onto the food.  Of course it is terrific!

Here's Mary, our favorite waitress. Mary's from Cork.
We always order a green salad, and the House Salad at Neary's is ideal.  Jimmy sources fresh, local ingredients to create a classic salad that you are going to be happy with.  He even puts the dressing on the side for his pickiest guests.
Neary's was last featured a year ago:
Of course you are going to opt for Sliced Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day...under appetizers you will go wild for Jimmy's Sliced Corned Beef, which is perfect.  This comes from Jimmy's friend Sam at Master Purveyors, and you are given mustard options that will wow you additionally!

Another appetizer not to be ignored is the Wild "IRISH" Smoked Salmon from the Wild Atlantic Way (west coast of Ireland).  It's fresh and beautifully presented with onions and capers.  Of course like everything else, it tastes better when you are listening to Jimmy tell stories.
Jimmy Neary Tells Us About His Ireland Trip with Mayor Bloomberg by Peachy Deegan

The entree we chose was the Broiled Swordfish, and it is gigantic!  From the Atlantic, this fish is a healthy option and part of the classic menu at Neary's.  The specials change every day, but the menu itself is consistently wonderful with a lovely balance of Meats and Poultry and Seafood, and the Seafood is also available sauteed.  All entrees are served with potato or vegetable.  The mashed potatoes are a dream here!
We feel that peaches are a highly underrepresented item on menus, and we think more owners should be like Jimmy and include them on their menu.  We are of course pro-peach.  The peach melba sundae with raspberry sauce is absolutely amazing and you are going to love it.

It is even better with an Irish coffee.

Jimmy Neary's Countdown to Neary's 50th Anniversary Plus A Song by Peachy Deegan 

Up Sligo! Peachy and Jimmy

Of course Peachy Picks Neary's!

We love it there.
358 East 57th Street at First Avenue in Manhattan

212 751 1434
If you know Jimmy, please help us to convince him to join Twitter....
Jimmy knows many more people than us and this trophy case is testament to his sparkling personality and genuine care for every person that visits him to love Neary's!
Jimmy loves what he does and you can tell.
P.S. Someday we hope to see a Boston College football there too but we bet that Regis is happy to see the Notre Dame one...

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