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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Peachy's Picks Washington, D.C.: Martin's Tavern Encore Review Winter 2015-2016 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The simply phenomenal Filet Mignon of Martin's Tavern, one of the menu superstars

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Peachy and Joey, her favorite manager at Martin's Tavern
We missed you Billy!
Peachy is wearing Geiger and Julia Jordan
Martin's Tavern has been featured more than any other restaurant outside Manhattan, and has earned multiple encore reviews.
It was first featured in Peachy's Picks Washington, D.C. in April of 2014:
When we returned to Washington in the summer of 2014, it was the first feature in our Washington Al Fresco column:
It's been featured in our Breakfast Away column:
It was featured in early 2015:
And it was last featured in the summer of 2015:
It is an absolute must on your Washington, D.C. visit and President Obama, we're talking to you.  Every President from Truman to George W. Bush has made Martin's Tavern a dining priority in their lives, but you don't need to be a President to be so smart to do this. And P.S. Enda Kenny, currently Taoiseach of Ireland (Prime Minister) is one of today's world leaders that has the fine taste to frequent this remarkable establishment. (Enda, maybe bring Barack with you next time?) Here are Enda and Billy, and this one picture is Billy's picture:
Just listen to us please and follow the flocks of diners that have gone to Martin's Tavern for GENERATIONS.  Our friend Billy is the 4th generation owner and is literally the 4th Billy Martin there.
At Whom You Know we always have a green salad with our meal, and Martin's House salad is delightful.  Mixed baby greens tossed with sliced cucumber, carrots, grape tomatoes, and dried cranberries do an Irish jig with house-made croutons.  As you see in the above picture, Martin's Tavern is one place we trust with salad dressing and we can count the number of places that we do on one hand: Martin's Tavern lightly dresses the salad.  It was all fresh and ideal to start with.
Even the rolls are fresh, crisp and perfect.
We have visions of the French Onion Soup in our dreams; who needs sugarplums dancing in their head when you have memories of this soup!  The flavor is sublime and better than any we've EVER had in Manhattan.   The menu says "Rated the BEST in DC!" We don't agree.  We'd say best on the East Coast.  It's topped with a baguette crouton and a generous portion of melted provolone cheese.
This chianti proved to be a wonderful companion for each and every edible we enjoyed on this visit.
The smoked salmon we understand is a special!
The sour cream and dill sauce that comes to the smoked salmon event on a plate is smashing with savory flavor that will wow you in a big way.  Crostini is a lovely accent.
The first time we visited, we ordered the 8oz Filet Mignon and we can verify its consistency and high quality.  Every succulent bite of this carnivorous wonder is impressive as it does a waltz in superb veal reduction, and just as enjoyable are the garlic mashed potatoes, which are worth their weight in gold.  Broccolini and baby carrots round out the plate, and each are fresh, nutritious and delicious.
Also, we suggest you sit in the Rumble Seat if you go by yourself.  You'll be in good company in doing so; John Kennedy when he was a Senator used to on Sundays after church reading the paper while he ate.  It is one of the best seats but really, there is not a bad seat in the house.
The final perfect touch?  Apple pie a la mode.  A total must!
Peachy continues to Pick Martin's Tavern in Georgetown in Washington, D.C.!

Established in 1933, Martin's Tavern is one of Washington DC’s most historic family-owned enterprises. For 80 years, Martin’s Tavern has been a renowned fixture in the mid-Atlantic and a must-visit establishment in historic Georgetown. In the late 1890's, William S. Martin traveled from Galway, Ireland to America. Forty years later, he and his son, William G. Martin, the current Billy's grandfather, opened Martin’s Tavern on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and N Street NW which is run today by our friend, William A. Martin Jr. You can call him Billy! From sitting Presidents and media icons, to city residents and worldly travelers, Martin’s Tavern is a welcoming home to the many who have long embraced its warm atmosphere. Its quintessentially classic American fare has delighted discriminating palates for decades from the Oakwood Atlantic Smoked Salmon to the Filet Mignon to whatever your little heart desires from the convincing menu. Every President from Truman to George W. Bush has happily dined at Martin's Tavern, and you can see the delicious culinary choices preferred by each in our review: Martin's Tavern is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know: 

The President’s favorite booths, The Proposal Booth of Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Mickey Mantle in The Dugout Room, George W. Bush and family at Table 12 are just a few of the iconic stories. Fourth generation owner Billy Martin, Jr. continues the tradition of Washington’s oldest family owned restaurant and Georgetown landmark. 

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