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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Terrific Takeout: Previti Pizza Fall 2016 Our Coverage Sponsored by Bergen Linen

"For me, it's all about quality."
-Kevin Wade, Owner of Previti Pizza

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The pizza monster has struck again, and you know who we're talking about!
The third time's a charm, and Previti Pizza is no stranger to this column.
They were most recently featured in 2013:
and were first featured in 2012:
Originally opened in 2009, Previti Pizza is co-owned by Kevin Wade and Paul Previti-Kevin married Paul's sister we believe (don't you think she should have something named after her on the menu?).  For the pie, we chose the Classic Cheese 18 inch pie with mozzarella and tomato sauce and we added: mushrooms, spinach, onions, garlic, and fresh tomatoes.  They source their Nina tomatoes from Italy and Grande Mozzarella from Wisconsin and this time, we noticed not only is the pizza spectacular from the fabulous crust to the quality ingredients but also you will be entertained.
Yes, you know we love to be entertained and we are not entertained by food alone-a few minutes ago we published what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Shared with us today:
and we regularly (weekly at least) publish on The Recording Academy, whom we have been honored to work with since they approached us a few years ago.  They do the Grammys.
Did you know Kevin is a bit of a video DJ and at Previti while your tastebuds revel in the pizza your ears and eyes can check out his video stream?  Know how music video tv is not that anymore, sadly?  It is Kevin Music TV at Previti pizza and he has great taste in music too.  If you live in Long Island or New Jersey, know that Previti is there too.
Pictures speak louder than words!  It is absolutely delicious.
Not to be outdone are the sandwiches, and at Previti they make their own bread with pizza dough bread that has an outside kind of like an English muffin (Peachy LOVES Thomas's English muffins.)
You know we had to try the Chicken Parm and it lives up to all expectations.  The super succulent chicken flavored with their terrific sauce and mozzarella is a winner in this homemade bread and another plus is how well this heats up.  Of course we try a bite of everything when it is fresh but we don't eat it all at once (or the sight of Peachy in our fashion column would scare you all away.)
Chicken parm!!!!
Yum yum yum yum we are publishing at dinner time to torture you!  New on their menu are their AMAZING Roastbeef Sandwich Specials which are made even more incredible by the fact that Kevin's father-in-law owns "Nation's Best Deli" where the meat is sourced from uber-fresh.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays you may covet the Roast beef with garlic butter, potato chips, and mozzarella cheese dipped in a burgundy aujou sauce which is just divine.  This sauce is a bespoke, proprietary secret that you have to try.
So Roxanne, put on a GREEN LIGHT and order your pizza!
(The Police were on when we were there.)
Kevin had a sip of one of his new drinks with us-try these:
You know Previti Pizza is Terrific Takeout!

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