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Friday, December 2, 2016

Neary's Fall 2016 Countdown to their 50th Anniversary March 17, 2017 Congratulations on 62 Years in America Jimmy! Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Una and Jimmy Neary, daughter and father, who are genuinely just as much fun as they look!
Jimmy, on March 17, 2016, the 50th Anniversary of Neary's:
"I am so looking forward to that day because I do not believe there are many places in this great city of New York that can claim the person who founded it is celebrating 50 years later, the good Lord willing."
-Jimmy Neary
Una Neary:
"March 17, 2017 is one of the most important days in our family's life, in particular my father who has worked so hard for 50 years to bring such a special restaurant to New York.  I am so proud of what my father has accomplished and we are so blessed to have such tremendous customers that have become a part of our family to come and celebrate this special day with us."
Jimmy came to America on November 11, 1954 at 11am on the Olympic; he hails from County Sligo in Ireland

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we love knowing Jimmy Neary!
We do not know anyone else or know of anyone else who is the original owner still working hard everyday with pride, genuine care and enthusiasm for 50 years and counting...only a couple of months left until that big anniversary and there is a countdown clock at the bar.
At the risk of alienating every other restaurant owner we know and love, we will tell you that Jimmy Neary is our favorite and has the best personality of anyone and works the hardest to keep everyone happy!  And maybe incidentally he has also worked the longest.
Neary's was most recently featured this year for St. Patrick's Day:
and their Peachy's Picks from then:
Their chandelier has made an appearance in Chandelier Peachy:
Neary's was first picked in 2010:
 On this visit, we tried these opening two appetizers.  The Clams Casino, above, were moist and delicious and not at all dry. Five generous classics arrive to you filled to perfection.  Peachy Deegan tried the Wild Irish Smoked salmon which is uber-fresh and sliced just right.  Fresh onions and capers come to this fascinatingly fresh party on a plate.   This visit, we brought someone that had never been to Neary's before.  She said: "The food was delicious, but the staff, people and atmosphere was the biggest treat.  This is real, authentic and I loved Jimmy!"
 The House Salad is an essential component and at Neary's they listen to everything you say the first time and exceed your expectations.  Above, please meet it without onions.  The below version has onions because Peachy likes them and note that the dressing is on the side if that is what your little heart desires.  The waitstaff have more longevity than any other restaurant we have been to anywhere, and considering how many we've been to now, that is a huge compliment to Jimmy as well.  Our favorite waitress is Mary O'Connor from Youghal in County Cork, who joined Neary's in 1978 and has had perfect attendance.  
Mary says in regards to the upcoming anniversary:
"I think it's the utmost milestone tribute to Jimmy and his family and his staff that have worked with him all these years because in the restaurant business because it's so transient nobody ever stays that long.  The second tribute is to our customers who are so loyal and so generous.  Presidents, Cardinals, and celebrities like Kathie Lee Gifford and Mary Higgins Clark, all frequent Neary's as well as all kinds of wonderful human beings. I'd like to see some of Jimmy's grandchildren participate in the business to continue what their grandfather created.  My mission is to pass on all I have learned over the years - I'm looking forward to another wonderful 50 years because now I train the young staff!"
It was a real treat to be there on the anniversary of Jimmy arriving in New York!
The entrees we opted for were the phenomenal shrimp scampi above, and the classic broiled red snapper.  Four shrimp radiate from a flavorful sun of rice and just enough garlic is added, and the sauce is divine.  The snapper is a classic; fresh, grilled properly and in generous portion, this is joined by the most spectacular stalks of asparagus. 
You absolutely cannot miss the rice pudding with the raisins and heavy cream!  It might have been our favorite edible of the night.

Peachy and Una above, Peachy and Jimmy below.  She is wearing Jimmy's two Superbowl rings from the New York Giants and her top is by Donna Degnan.
 You know we pick Neary's and of course it is Highly Recommended!


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