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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top Peachy's Picks January 2017 Best Manhattan Restaurants & Beyond According to Whom You Know Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

We definitely have always liked going to great restaurants and playing with our food!

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Top Peachy's Picks January 2017 
Best Manhattan Restaurants According to Whom You Know

-in no particular order-

These met the following criteria:

They have outperformed their competitors, and their owners are among the most competitive, and are there in person and consistently demonstrate they care the most.  Additionally, they are nice people and you would want to visit them and their delicious culinary endeavors.  
We have reviewed them at least four times, in some cases many more and they all graduated from Terrific Takeout to Peachy's Picks and are in it to win it. They go beyond a single feature in Peachy's Picks and constantly strive to be better and better.  In most cases, they change their menu four times a year at least.  Paul of Kings' Carriage House changes his menu every day.

We have visited them within the last six months and first visited them prior to 2016.

There are other restaurants we enjoy, however, since we do not assign number ranks we believe you should know the best of the best on a qualitative basis.  Many restaurants come and go in Manhattan but these are here to stay we believe.

We are going to periodically come out with this kind of list and it is only coincidental that it the the start of a new year. This will keep owners on their toes and you in the know! Those listed here are absolutely on their toes and no one was made aware of the fact that this list would be released.  No one will know the next time either!

Honorable mention as newest to us in Manhattan: Auden at The Ritz-Carlton Central Park

Our cousin Kevin is our companion dining expert in Washington, D.C. and if you own a restaurant there, you have probably met him! We liked to pretend apple juice was beer so we have come a long way.

Best of Washington, D.C.: Anything by Ashok Bajaj and The Knightsbridge Restaurant Group including 701, Nopa, The Bombay Club, Bibiana, The Oval Room, Rasika
and Boss Shephard's

Best of Boston: Sonsie on Newbury Street and of course in Chestnut Hill the Boston College Dining Hall

Best of Delaware: Go Fish and Go Brit by Alison Blyth Best Fish and Chips in America

...and there are wait lists in more geographically desirable locations that you will be kept apprised of as the owners pass our review process.  Owners on the wait list know they are there and we will visit them someday!

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