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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Peachy Picks Kings' Carriage House Encore Review St. Patrick's Day 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

We dream about the Grilled Prime Filet Mignon!  From that carnivorous endeavor to the Filet of Halibut, everything at Kings' Carriage House is a total celebration:
Prickly Pear Creme Brulee:
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Stairway to heaven. To us, dinner is heaven obviously!
And there's Paul Farrell with his menu, which is made FRESH EVERY DAY.
NO ONE ELSE in all of Manhattan has a new menu every day that we've found in the last eight years.
Our friend Paul Farrell, King of Kings' Carriage House, gives every New Yorker, and tourists too, a million great reasons to be proud of being Irish through your tastebuds every day.  
No other Irish venue has this caliber of artistry and level of cuisine in fine dining.
Kings' Carriage House was first featured in April 2011:
In Spring 2014, we announced in Peachy's Picks it was the best dinner we had that spring:
Kings' Carriage House was featured in the Spring of 2015:
Kings' Carriage House and of the fall of 2015:
and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day 2016 there too:
Kings' Carriage House constantly outdoes itself to stay on top and it is one of our absolute favorites.  When we arrived at our table to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, champagne was waiting for us!  This visit, we dined upstairs in the romantic red room.
Take our word for it-you will hate to leave.
You will be there so long you'll see the lighting change and will never look at your watch or phone because this place is that great.
How often do you see us say that?!
Every night there is a three-course menu: appetizer, main course, dessert all at the same price of $49.  Our appetizer extravaganza included:
Split Pea Soup with Irish Bacon Confetti!
This is a lighter version of split pea soup that is elegant in nature and boasts a gorgeous savory quality.  It is a beautiful way to begin your dinner and as you sip each spoonful, you'll delight in the creativity and appreciate the bacon accent.
If you really know Peachy, you know she can sometimes be a bit crabby (like all perfectionists when they interact with less than perfection) but this is her FAVORITE way to be crabby!  Oooh how we love crab meat and this is super fresh in its truest form.
We strongly prefer fresh crab to any kind of breaded cake and this is one of the best things you can eat in Manhattan.  Terrine of lump crab meat has a party with beet, avocado, blood orange and pistachios and is accentuated by honey passion fruit puree and chive oil.  Beautiful and delicious!  It looks like it stepped off the Donna Degnan Spring 2017 runway.
Meet the Chopped Salad of Endive and Watercress along with roquefort cheese, candied pecans and poached pear, all dancing a waltz in a mustard seed vinaigrette.  It's really refreshing and the pecans add a touch of delicate sweetness, presenting a lovely contrast.  The cheese accentuates the salad perfectly and is not overbearing.
The wine selection at Kings' Carriage House is superb and we were delighted to pair this superlative Italian Sangiovese with all of our courses.  
We cannot overemphasize how both gorgeous and delicious everything we've ever eaten here is.  This review exemplifies recent examples.  This grilled prime filet mignon with port wine demi-glace is quintessential carnivorous perfection, underlined by the fact that Paul's wife and co-owner Elizabeth King is also in catering and she started working with their butcher three decades ago. (Their butcher is age 97!)  One bite of this and amazing comes to mind, then juicy, succulent, and your mind will flood with mountains of praise because you will be that wowed from the messages being sent to your brain from your palate.  That white asparagus bacon tower is also pretty creative and will magically disappear from your plate quickly.  Wilted watercress hides underneath providing color and nutrition.
Meet the gorgeous Filet of Salmon!
Many venues have boring Salmon but Kings' Carriage House has triumphant Salmon, which exemplifies pure decadence.
No one makes potatoes more delicious or beautiful than Paul Farrell.
The Filet of Salmon with tomato caper butter is a winner in both design and taste and the Jerusalem artichoke chips have a satisfying crunch and highlight the artichoke flavor additionally to match those magnificent potatoes.
The Filet of Halibut happily rests upon a wild mushroom tarragon cream that is both decadent and delicious.  Roasted asparagus add elegance and nutrition and the crispy yukon gold potato cake is a wonderful companion.  The moist tender crust will impress you tremendously and this fish quality supercedes its competitors in terms of moistness.
The desserts are always among the best we see anywhere in Manhattan and the Strawberry Apple Crumble with Irish Oatmeal Crust will absolutely melt in your mouth, especially when you consider the warmness coming into play with the cold of the honey ginger ice cream.
Warm, comforting and with an inviting texture, this is like apple pie on fire with a pinkie out.
In the world according to Peachy, chocolate is always the right answer (you know, like jewelry.)
Meet the Dark Belgian Chocolate Ganache Torte having the ultimate party in espresso sauce.
Just divine!  Finally, they don't have just creme brulee.  They don't have just pear creme brulee.  They have PRICKLY PEAR CREME BRULEE!
They are in it to win it and your stomach will scream victory.
Kings' Carriage House continues to be Highly Recommended! 
Elizabeth King and Paul Farrell make every day St. Patrick's Day with their commitment to excellence.

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