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Monday, September 4, 2017

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Grifone Summer 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Our pal Mario Belich, Owner of Grifone!
He looks forward to personally welcoming you.
Order the swordfish.  
And everything else too!

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In the wide world of Manhattan dining, there are few of the caliber of Grifone that consistently supersede the competition that is simply too trendy with no substance, too corporate with no personality and at the end of the day, too plain mediocre.
Goldilocks Peachy likes it just right.
Especially at Italian venues; Grifone is Italian.
Peachy Deegan lives to find great new Manhattan restaurants, b
ut the old ones that have the best entrees and the most crisp white tablecloths win us over every Grifone! Grifone was first featured as a Peachy's Pick in 2012:
Grifone was most recently featured in 2016:
Mario has been a staple of Grifone for two solid decades; he began in August 1997.  Grifone is his true pride and joy and he sincerely looks forward to meeting his guests with his passion for fine dining.  Grifone began as a restaurant in 1986 and Tom Cruise if you are reading you might as well celebrate your 1986 anniversary here too because we imagine you have the need for dinner just as much as you have the need for speed.  
Everyone is graciously greeted at Grifone with a greeting plate like this of delicious meats and cheeses, olives, bruschetta,  and pickles.  Peachy loved the fontina cheese!  It had quite the abbreviated lifespan.
We always order a green salad, and we chose the salad of the day.  Above it is shown how it would normally be served with cheese and dressing.
Grifone is happy to make you happy and Mario knows Ms. Pretty Picky would like to control the salad dressing amount and application herself.  Grifone put the salad dressing on the side for us and this salad of mixed greens, string beans, tomato, avocado, red beets and olive oil was the edible embodiment of extraordinary simplicity.  Perfection!  
Peachy is super-pro-stringbeans and we would like to see them grace more salads please, New York.  Every day Grifone offers a special salad of the day in addition to their four fabulous regular choices.
The salmone affumicato is a total winner of an appetizer, and the presentation is beautiful.
The poisson hails from the Atlantic and is properly thin and gorgeously sliced.  A mountain of capers matched by a lovely pile of red onion chopped just right enhance this fish.  The team rests with success upon perfectly toasted toast points.
Clearly someone was far too excited to eat this and could not hold the camera still enough.
To say Peachy is a huge fan of linguine with white clam sauce is an understatement.  It hopefully is regularly pumping through her bloodstream, particularly in summer.  There are not too many places as competitive as Grifone in this realm of pasta.  You can also have it red if your little heart desires.  
Look at how hot it is brought out: that steam is authentic.
Little neck clams waltz in a dream linguine like they are in competition for the start of Dancing with the Stars to impress Carrie and her fellow judges (Carrie this one's for you and we hope to see you on LIVE with Ryan Seacrest again! If you are as awesome as Harry TV maybe we can sit in the front).  Every bite was pure pasta divinity and the clams were in generous ratio.  The flavor was knockout summer that can be continued wonderfully into fall.
Meet the triumphant swordfish!
It is smiling at you inviting you to dinner.
Marechiare-light tomato- sauce is ideal to enhance this fish on hotter days like we'll continue to have in New York.  
The fish is freshest at Grifone and this is delivered every other day.  Pesce Spada - Swordfish in Italian- is center cut and you will revel in the quality of every bite of the steak of the sea.  
If you have more of a land preference for your entree rather than sea, we suggest Pollo Gabriele.  Many venues have boring chicken.  Grifone is absolutely not one of those.
Pollo Gabriele is the epitome of sophistication and deliciousness.
Breast of chicken with fresh artichoke hearts and mushrooms in a white wine sauce is simply amazing in every bite.  It is light enough to not make you feel heavy and substantial enough to make you feel like you had dinner.  The chicken is perfectly pounded and the enhancements are superbly fresh.  The combination is pure winning!
Do not miss the superlative fried zucchini blossoms, a special!
We remembered after we ate our entrees.  Tomato and scallions come to the party here and it is a fabulous continuation of the season.
Just as great as apple pie is Mario's Apple Cake with vanilla bean ice cream.
And, we would never say no to a chocolate souffle, executed to perfection!
If you want your dinner to be a triumph in your stomach, this is where you go.
Grifone continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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