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Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Peachy's Pick Since 2013, Patsy's Italian Restaurant Since 1944 the ONE AND ONLY by Culinary King Sal Scognamillo and His Family Fall 2017 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Executive Chef and Owner Sal Scognamillo with his beautiful zucchini blossoms

Manicotti Glory

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Their menu both proudly and accurately states:
"There are the Restaurants you go to
And the Restaurants you go back to."
You'd better believe the frequency with which a restaurant is featured and the physical, intelligent and sincere joyful presence of the owner at the review and the variety of menu changes is central to the excellence of a restaurant.  And attention to detail and superlative service goes without saying.  If you have an illustrious history, even better as you know who majored in history.

Whom You Know first featured Patsy's Italian restaurant in March 2009, fewer than two months after we started:
Mimi's Pizza, which sadly has since closed, was our first food feature ever the first week we started in January of 2009 but now Patsy's is the longest running featured restaurant on

Patsy's joined Peachy's Picks in 2013:
Patsy's was last featured in the Spring of 2017:

Culinary King Sal Scognamillo is always moving and shaking and here's one of his recent achievements.  In the history of Whom You Know there have been only two culinary kings ever featured, and Rufino Lopez sadly has since closed Solera, which we loved too.
Sal is not the kind of person that would say KING ME! even if you were playing checkers with him.  But actions speak louder than words, and his reign as Culinary King on Whom You Know is four years and counting now.
Generally speaking, we do not use the word best as there are so many super duper excellent out there.  But we would not argue with the below statement.

Check out the highly evolved front cover of the Patsy's menu.
Patsy's wins because they successfully improve with the times.
You can bet that Frank Sinatra's Patsy's menu did not reference their twitter account because Twitter didn't exist then.  
But we are glad that his daughter Nancy follows us on Twitter, probably because we write on Patsy's!  We quite like Twitter as you may have noticed.  It is incredible when we encounter a business that doesn't have a website and the holy trinity of social media accounts and more importantly, USE THEM REGULARLY! (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and we think you tube is also great.  Inevitably, that philosophy will put you out of business today.  When we started in 2009, a lot of people did not take social media seriously but PATSY'S DID!
Patsy's Chopped Salad cannot be beat.  It is perfection and dressed just right.  Iceberg, arugula, pimientos, tomatoes and anchovy set the tone for quite the refreshing start to your dinner extravaganza.  It is perfectly chopped into bite-sized pieces.

A convincing appetizer of Mozzarella in Carozza that is lightly breaded just right is dying to cannonball into the beautifully flavored marinara that arrives in style in a silver boat alongside the cheesy wonder.  It is dishes like this that make the word cheesy a total compliment.
It is even better when you cut it open and rejoice in the mozzarella properly.
Patsy's has used the same mozzarella supplier for 73 years: DiPalo on Grand Street.

A special the day we visited was Zucchini Blossoms, not typically a regular on the menu.  Gorgeously stuffed with both mozzarella and parmesan, the amazing fusion of vegetable and cheese amalgamated to both tasty and tasteful flavor and lightness.  Some places overdo this dish and fry it too much but we think at Patsy's they just pull them off of a cloud with their airy goodness.

Before a year ago when we ordered Manicotti at Patsy's for the first time, we generally thought this dish was good but not that memorable.  Vivid visions of Sal Scognamillo's Manicotti have been floating like sugarplums in someone's head here for the last year and they are now a triumphant favorite.  The phenomenal medley of cheese: mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmigiano-Reggiano served with a tomato basil sauce is Sal-rific.  Perfection is not a strong enough word.  

We are all about taking your suggestions when you know what you are doing as much as Sal does know what he is doing, and when we have worked with you for this long.  And when you feed us Manicotti like that.  Made fresh every Saturday at Patsy's is the lasagna and Sal thought we should try it and he of course was right. It is another winner on this hit parade.  A dusting of cheese makes it even better, and it is a special that you will not find on the regular menu.
Every component is fresh and delicious in this lasagna, which is properly meat-based.  As you know Peachy is not and never will be a vegan.  She is a DEEGAN and we believe the Celtics were strong meat supporters since we loved the meatballs and sausages waltzing around this dish.  The textures and flavors combined make this a total must.
When you venture inside, it radiates even more deliciousness!

As you know, Peachy is wicked tall (JOKING) so she especially feels an affinity with shrimp.  No matter what your height, if you were born with working tastebuds you will absolutely adore the Shrimp Scampi, broiled with butter, garlic, lemon and seasoned breadcrumbs served with spaghetti.  Six perfectly butterflied shrimp radiate around garlic spaghetti divinity announcing you are crazy if you ever want a homecooked meal over a visit to Patsy's.  Unless you live with one of the chefs we feature, eating out is always way better in Manhattan.
  The fragrant hint of garlic is just right and the aroma is intoxicating when this is placed in front of you.

It goes without saying that the food here is served hot when it is supposed to be hot, but if you'd like evidence:
Another glamour shot:

Found on page 43 of Sal's new cookbook (we believe his 2nd) you will find this dish, Beef Braciole, which has nicely teamed up with fettuccine.  A satisfying twirl around your fork and a carnivorous catapult into your mouth ensures that you will also rejoice in this special which we tried for the first time victoriously.
It's slow cooked in tomato, tied up and braised in oil with salt and pepper, parmesean cheese, chopped beef, dark raisins, pine nuts and garlic which collectively create greatness on a plate.
The steak is beaten flat and becomes chopped beef but you may not have had steak this way either.  Patsy's is always upping their game and impressing us in new ways that we like, not merely trying to be new and creatively trendy, turning our stomachs like their lesser competition that will invariably come and go.
Another notable fact, not opinion, is that when you are at Patsy's there is a buzz of happy people.  You can't get that everywhere.  It is not loud and obnoxious.  It is true dinner joviality that people cannot fake.  And Sal really cares about everyone going to many, many tables talking to people.  It's too bad for all of us that he doesn't want to run for mayor because everyone loves him, also evidenced by the pictures on his walls many of which you can see in Mover and Shaker picture of the week. Sal genuinely cares and that makes him different.  There's a lot of style in New York, but there is not a lot of style and substance combined.
Sometimes if Peachy behaves herself at dinner she is offered dessert.
Some restaurants want us to try TWO desserts.
But Sal Quennevilled us.  Quennevilled is a verb for three because that is Joel's number and if you think we are good about bragging about other people now, you should know we got our start by bragging about hockey players and how they would be great coaches if only someone would give the guy from the Springfield Indians a shot (the Hartford Courant published these editorials).  Looks like we were right if you click here, and if you look closely you will see both assistants were Hartford teammates because it is not who you know, it's Whom You Know.  We are also right about the three desserts.
For someone that thinks she is related to chocolate, Peachy must say that Sal's Napoleon cake is tough to beat.  The creamy layers of exquisite perfection wow us every time.
The Tiramisu is the best you'll have anywhere in the city, and the chocolate mousse cake is decadent embodied on a plate.  You will not only be able to satisfy your sweet tooth, you'll satisfy your whole mouth and entire being.

We have never had better Irish coffee anywhere, not even in Ireland and boy do we hate to say that.  But we are telling the truth!

Patsy's is highly recommended and we love it there!

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