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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Jubilee Winter 2018 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Dynamic duo of Ilda and Luc, owners of Jubilee!
Steak Tartare!
Gorgeous Warm Leek Salad

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we have been so glad to know Luc and Ilda for years...and know what the best of the best do?  They write COOKBOOKS and better yet, they are invited to participate them.  Jubilee joined the elite ranks of our cookbook publishing column recently:
Tomorrow, Whom You Know is turning nine years old.  When we were two in 2011, we started picking Jubilee.  Their highly consistent and excellent performances throughout the years is testament to their superb quality; there are only seven restaurants that we are still recommending that we started recommending in 2011 and they are the oldest.  We will be publishing a list upcoming.
High on the list of most coveted foods when you are freezing in Manhattan is soup, and Classic French Onion Soup in particular.  This hearty appetizer is wonderful at a lot of places, BUT THE BEST we have had this winter is the version at Jubilee.  The onions are more delicious, uber-chunky, and that swiss cheese is going to win you over with its amazing cheesy intrinsic qualities.  This is the perfect way to start your dinner on a cold night.  You are even going to like the croutons even if you normally think you don't like croutons.
The Endive Salad with Blue Cheese of Jubilee is a winner, and we applaud their overall salad selection.  The endive itself yields a wonderful crunch, indicative of freshness in the dead of winter, and the green apples are the perfect accent as they are beautifully arranged in narrow dainty strips.  There's the right accent of cheese without being overwhelming.  Walnuts also dot this salad landscape successfully.
Another winner of a salad is the Duo of Red and Yellow Beets Salad.  Bonus points for everyone that uses Boston College (maroon and gold) colors!  (And if we ever can talk Regis into coming to dinner we would yield to his Notre Dame colors...)  This salad possesses a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi that will capture your heart and your tastebuds in both its glorious arrangement and wonderful flavor.  The beets of both colors radiate around greens and chopped tomato and goat cheese also comes to the party.  An inventive orange dressing is going to make your day!  It is like eating Florida, which to us is highly positive.
Jubilee is the kind of place that gets every detail right.  From the delicious bread basket to the stylish salt and pepper shakers, all elements of restaurant excellence are stunning and enhance your dinner further.
Ta da!  Meet this new creation:
You never knew what was missing from your life until you meet the Warm Leek Salad!  It is one of the most incredible salads we have had this winter.  Highly unique in style, presentation and taste, this is a total must during your Jubilee visit.
We love how the leeks are sliced on the diagonal and the gribiche sauce is simply divine.
Quail eggs add sophistication to this gorgeous creation that puts the inventive in upscale.
Don't hate it because it's beautiful.  Eat it!
The carnivorous entree we selected was the highly convincing Steak Tartare, beautifully presented.
Not only is it stylish, but also it's delicious!  The phenomenally decadent steak tartare is simply arranged with french fries and mixed green salad to combine for an elegant comfort food that will absolutely hit the spot any time of year.  We loved every bite!  The drizzle of balsamic reduction was a nice touch.
We are addicted to the french fries at Jubilee, and not all french fries are created equally.
Some are just superior.  We like the attractive silver presentation also.
A bright, nutritious and healthy fish dish of Jubilee is the convincing Bronzini entree.  Resting upon a lovely bed of mixed vegetables and pea coulis, this magnificent Bronzini is fresh, beautifully grilled and ultimately satisfying for dinner without being heavy.
Finally, you may not pass go and collect $200 at Jubilee without trying Les Moules, which are the best in all of Manhattan.  The latest and greatest way is the Beer Moules by Luc!  IPA Beer and Garlic Crusted Red Pepper Flakes produce a unique flavor that you must try.  
Jubilee continues to be Highly Recommended and we can't wait to see what they do with their Spring 2018 menu!  

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