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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Peachy Picks Dianne and Elisabeth Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Steak Bavette, your new best friend!
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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are thrilled to know Charlie Marshall.  We've been impressed with his talents since he opened The Marshal, his first Manhattan restaurant ages ago and we are honored to have been the first to review it.  The Marshal continues to outperform its competitors and quite often it is featured seasonally on Whom You Know.  We are of the opinion that the truly great only become greater, and they do this by showing and letting their humble proud work speak for itself and by personally being there knowing their guests, not by paying a ridiculous PR firm with spin to try to convince lazy members of the press to parrot.  Charlie's restaurant empire became twice as nice when he opened Dianne and Elisabeth in tribute to his mother.  (The Marshal is after his father.)
Dianne and Elisabeth earned their inaugural feature in September 2016:
We were so impressed we visited again a year ago:
Today, we are pleased to announce it has joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks, the dream of every inaugural feature in Terrific Takeout.  Dianne and Elisabeth is the first Manhattan restaurant to join Peachy's Picks in 2018.  It is much harder in 2018 to advance to Peachy's Picks because after doing this for nine years, someone here is far wiser and also, as more advance and stay on top, the competition is fierce.  Note that is how the word fierce should be used in proper English...and Charlie, though he may be of a West Coast Washington State Farm background, has New England roots!  And what could be cooler than that.  His total commitment to local freshness outshines nearly everyone else we work with in this discipline.
Charlie is authentic.
Charlie is smart.
Charlie is kind.
And, best of all, Charlie is awesome at making dinner delicious.
There is no dinner that is great without a great owner behind the restaurant that shows dedication day in and day out truly caring about their guests.
You can't buy our opinion.
You can only earn it.
We are pro-carbohydrate and walk enough miles around Manhattan to indulge; the bread at Dianne and Elisabeth is on par with the brilliant bread at The Marshal, which we dream about.
A popular plate, and note the plates are available in small or large, is the Hudson Valley Duck Wings Confit.  Tender, flavorful and seasonally festive, these birds intelligently team up with crisp marinated red cabbage apple slaw in a lovely balsamic reduction.  Charlie is the master of balance in knowing how to make something incredibly unique and tasteful without going overboard with trendy nonsense that some places try without meeting with success.
It was just ducky.
We are pro-salad and even more so now that we have read Tom Brady's book, which is the gospel of vegetables.  The marinated beet, apple and fennel salad sings a lovely song of winter and the depth of flavor achieved with these fresh vegetables is superb.  Blue cheese, caraway, red wine honey vinaigrette and bronze fennel microgreens are triumphant.
Naturally, if you really know Peachy you know her favorite vegetable is mozzarella.  Do not miss the Hudson Valley Burrata, the ferrari of mozzarella, that puts some Italians to shame.  The creamy exquisite nature of the luxurious cheese is enhanced with heirloom tomatoes, aged balsamic and fresh basil.
It really does look this great; we never ever edit the pictures.
Tropicana Lettuce Caesar is wonderful any time of year and the local tropicana lettuce with cheese tuile and reggiano is highlighted by a giant herbed crouton.  You never have met such a crouton before!
 For everyone that enjoys our MADE IN THE USA column, you will appreciate that all of the wine at this wine bar is from the United States of America, and the list is comprehensive from coast to coast.  If you are an avid reader of Whom You Know, you know Peachy's first job in Manhattan and first job at all in journalism was at CBS News at 524 West 57th Street where she was a CBS Sunday Morning Intern back in the good old days with Charles Kuralt.  He made us love North Carolina even more and you should know Charlie Marshall has quite the sommelier, David Autry; David is a North Carolina native.
All wines we tried were impressive and David made bright suggestions throughout our Dianne and Elisabeth experience.
The roasted shrimp is another fine selection under Plates, and the Ecoshrimp is locally farmed and is fresh and organic.  Chimichurri and grits come to the undertall party, and you know who is enamored with being as shrimpy as possible (the supertall Peachy). It goes without saying if we are being served something that requires certain utensils, they are brought at the exact same time the food is hot.  Of course they know to do that at Dianne and Elisabeth.
 One of Peachy's personal favorite items is the Roasted Creamed Kale Dip.  Curly green kale, cream, and parmesean team up to bring you the most delicious version of kale you have ever had.  The garlic crostinis are perfect.
 Pork lardon and swiss cheese croquettes arrive in style with bacon, cheddar and caramelized onion mayo.  The sauces Charlie concocts are simply brilliant. 
 We're not kidding when we say the Steak Bavette is your new best friend.  It arrived as ordered, medium rare, and is fabulously enhanced with red wine marinade, compound marjoram and lovage butter (completely divine!) and buttered popcorn polenta (completely inventive!).  If you think you've eaten all the best Manhattan steaks, you have not until you have eaten this. 
 Seafood is just about our favorite, period.  You will be reveling in the beauty of the Bay Scallop Pasta, evocative of summer even in the winter months.  This vacation on a plate is filled with seared bay scallops, buffalo milk spaccatelli pasta, lobster cream sauce and parmesean.  Though Dianne and Elisabeth is technically a wine bar kitchen, the entrees are just as competitive as all pure restaurants we work with.  This is true of course, because Charlie Marshall is Executive Chef and he knows what his guests desire! 
 Have you had Icelandic Cod in parchment this winter?  If not, what are you waiting for, silly? Sustainably caught, oven-poached in parchment, this attractive poisson is unwrapped for a delicate herbal fresh fish experience.  Julienned root vegetables, white wine and herbed butter make this dinner a winner.   
 From the exquisite artisan Homemade Fudge Bites in assorted flavors (sea salt, bee pollen, candied orange peel, chopped hazelnut) to the Sammies, dessert is a delight at Dianne and Elisabeth.  Below are the Sammies: Hazelnut cookies with sweet ice cream inside. 
 Meet Lemon Three Ways: Lemon Sorbet, Lemon Curd, and Candied Lemon! 
 Peachy loves cranberry and rhubarb together in all forms we've met thus far, so she preferred these Cranberry and Rhubarb fritters the most.
Peachy Picks Dianne and Elisabeth!
Dianne and Elisabeth is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
644 10th Avenue (between 45th and 46th Street)
New York, NY 10036
(917) 472-7808

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