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Friday, February 9, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2014, Brunetti Winter 2018 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Our friend, Owner Jason Brunetti!
Jason and new Executive Chef Erik Vigil, who joined in November 2016
Brilliant burrata and pear

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It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Michael and Jason Brunetti, father and son winning team of delicious artisan Brunetti, Italian cuisine in Manhattan and in the Hamptons.  Like another great brand (see header above), Brunetti began in 2009.  It is by far the most upscale place that serves pizza in Manhattan, and they go beyond pizza also.
Brunetti was most recently featured in 2014, when it earned a spot in Peachy Dines Al Fresco, a rare privilege and feat for any restaurant as there are only 16 features ever:
Brunetti was first featured:
Brunetti joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks in 2014:
We have known them so long we looked at our first email exchange, and in 2014 @Manhattanpeachy only had 13,000 Twitter followers.  As our Twitter has gotten better, so has the pizza at Brunetti and we loved it in the first place.
How does a venue continue to be featured?  They pursue excellence and that means innovation and dedication to their craft.  And, they made all our pizza dreams come true because drumroll please, there are MICROGREENS on their pizza!  This is artisan authentic Italian pizza made by Americans.
Margherita Piu is adorned with rainbow microgreens and also boasts San Marzano tomato sauce, imported mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes and basil.  You will revel in its simplicity as it announces to your tastebuds that less is more.  We count 13 total pizza choices on this menu with depth and excellence.
Next, meet Tea's, pronounced like it rhymes with Mia, not the tea you drink like coffee.  Tea was their first employee and we like the personal touch.  What we like even better is that obviously Tea has great taste: house-made burrata, gorgonzola, truffle oil, cherry tomatoes, black label prosciutto and arugula will make you ecstatic!  The combination is brilliant.  You are going to order two because you want one to take home.
It's impossible to have bad pizza here.  This pizza is one of our favorites and we have missed it!  Next in the batting order (get your stomach ready for spring training!): Cavolini di Bruxelles: absolutely phenomenal roasted Brussels sprouts (every brussels sprout dreams of growing up and becoming part of this pizza), house-made mozzarella made from the same stuff that dreams are made of, San Marzano tomato sauce, pancetta and Pecorino Romano team up for a compelling pizza that will make your day.
We applaud Brunetti for their healthful choices and we love that we see five salads on their menu.  We opted for the Garden Salad: organic mixed greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onions, olives, croutons, and chickpeas harmonize to form quite the sophisticated salad.  They put the balsamic glaze on the side thoughtfully for Ms. Pretty Picky.  Everything was fresh and the combination was original.
One item at Brunetti that is simply unforgettable is the meatballs.
You may not pass go and collect $200 without trying them as we firmly believe they are among the very best in Manhattan.  And, we eat them every time because 1. We love them and 2. We are checking.  
Meatball glamour shot:
Meet Mary's Meatballs!  Mary Brunetti's all-beef meatballs waltz wonderfully in a San Marzano tomato ragu of perfection, fresh sheep's milk ricotta and basil.  The superior flavor and fragrant hearty smell will intoxicate you with bliss and you'll revel in every bite of juicy carnivorous splendor.
Remember how we told you how great they are at salads? Why stop at just one?!  The day we visited, a new salad was born.  Meet Black Quinoa Salad!  Consider this the menu birth announcement.  Just looking at that picture should speak a million words to you about how restaurants in Manhattan are the best in the world and how Brunetti is the Rolls Royce of pizza.
With stunning colors evocative of this winter season, Black Quinoa Salad is composed of mixed greens, tomato, black quinoa, carrots and romanesco sauce. For someone that normally abhors quinoa and anything overly trendy, Peachy really liked this salad!  The amazing contrasting textures also are impressive here.
There are only a few spots we've found where the Fried Calamari is as light and terrific as it is at Brunetti.  Here, beer batter, pickled serrano and pistacchio-basil salt enhance the super tender calamari beautifully!  Note the lovely microgreen accent.  We are hoping they might put shamrock microgreens on their pizza for St. Patrick's Day!
As the West Village becomes enhanced by the tech industry, Brunetti is loved by businesses, locals and tourists alike.  Its brilliant fresh ingredients and superlative pizza noted for its breathtaking warmth and flaky perfect crust continue to make it highly competitive.  We will close with a small plate: Burrata and Pear on arugula, black sesame seed and sorrel.  And guess what, this gets even peachier...stay tuned!

Brunetti continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!
We look forward to the peachy innovation with the Burrata and more great ideas from this magnificent team.

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