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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2015 and Best Milkshake in the #USA Says #WhomYouKnow , Lexington Candy Shop Since 1925 Winter 2018 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Owner John Philis with the Best Milkshake in the USA! 
He made it.  Guess who drank it.

Peachy Deegan and John Philis, Owner of Lexington Candy Shop.  John's Grandfather Started it in 1925!

The definition of what a cheeseburger should be.

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It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know and our late friend Connie Hays who wrote the most comprehensive history of Coca Cola: The Real Thing told us many years ago, before Whom You Know existed, to visit Lexington Candy Shop.  Peachy went here before Whom You Know began...and in 2015, it joined Peachy's Picks:
It was last featured a year ago:
Lexington Candy Shop is a staple of New York History and you will revel in its true authenticity when you walk in.  Their menu is pure All-American greatness and you need to order at least two milkshakes because you'll love them so much, one won't make it out the door with you and then you'll have one on your way home too.  Lexington Candy Shop is a destination for locals and tourists alike, and the tourists hail from not only all 50 states but also other countries as this is considered an international destination of Americana.
Once, their prices looked like this:
Peachy Deegan had an angelic beginning this visit, from a nutritional standpoint.  The tossed salad is perfection with perfectly halved cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and ranch dressing, which was thoughtfully put on the side.
The milkshakes are truly incredible and we're not kidding when we say you must have at least one.  We chose chocolate, and this was the first item gone from the review to live happily ever after in Peachy's stomach.  Every sip is blissful creamy chocolaty deliciousness!  Nobody does it better.
Not to be outdone is the classic cheeseburger.  John Philis's favorite thing to eat are the sliders and his favorite thing to make is the Lexington Special, which is roast beef, fried egg, bacon, and american cheese triple decker.
Tomato, lettuce and onion grace this lovely cheeseburger on a super fresh bun with juicy carnivorous magnificence basking in all its glory.  This had the second longest life during the review and we truly love the cheeseburgers here.  There is no reason ever to go to a horrific chain restaurant.  Go visit John for a burger!
Up until now we don't think we've had the Tuna Melt, and it took us way too long.  Brilliant white albacore tuna teams up with cheddar on Rye perfection to make this melty gooey wonderful hit-the-spot on a cold winter's day sandwich that will cheer you up even if the Dow Jones goes down, down, way down.  
Your stomach will go up, up, way up and applaud.
Does your club sandwich smile at you?  It does if you go here!
On toast, please meet the ham, swiss and tomato club which you will open wide for with delight.  Every bite is going to make you wish this was your lunch every day.  And it could be, if you travel to the Upper East Side, best part of town.
Pictures speak louder than words.  This is how Peachy's glass looked minutes after the milkshake arrived:
If you are vision-impaired, you should know this is a picture of a sad empty glass missing its chocolate milkshake.  And Peachy's not the only one that loves it here: Lexington Candy Shop has been in innumerable tv shows, commercials and movies over the years and most recently was chosen by Kate Spade for her Fall 2017 line.


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