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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

KEEPING IRELAND ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES IRISH STYLE INTELLIGENCE AND EXCELLENCE with Zip Cardigan in Army Green Z4630 by #WestEndKnitwear Since 1957 by #MollyCullen and Family #BravetheCold #FASHIONALERT #WhomYouKnow

Molly Cullen, Founder of West End Knitwear

Irish Girls Rule. 
 That's a fact and when Peachy Deegan's Aunt & Godmother (same person) visited her at UCC in County Cork when she was a student, she later followed up with a T-shirt that said IRISH GIRLS RULE which we wear under our West End Knitwear...her mother was Peachy's grandmother who's pictured below, and who was 110% Irish American with all four grandparents born in Ireland and settled in Bristol, Connecticut, land of ESPN 100 years earlier. 
Peachy and her Grammy on her 1st St. Patrick's Day, learning how important being Irish is!
Her #1 Irish influence in life, reading up there...

Molly rules and we did not have the chance to know her, but we DO KNOW her two sons, Paul and John Cullen and Paul's sons, Barry and Niall Cullen, all current owners of West End Knitwear, which is Keeping Ireland on Top. So, whether you are Irish or just wish you were, you can achieve a stunning Irish look with West End Knitwear, made in Ireland.  ESPECIALLY because you know what day it is in 4 days and because you can never own enough of Made in Ireland or enough clothing in green, and to that end we highly recommend the Ladies Side Zip Cardigan in Green.  When you wear it, every day is St. Patrick's Day

This brand's illustrious history includes the village of Monasterevin in the county of Kildare, Ireland.  It is the home of West End Knitwear Ltd. The company was originally established by Molly Cullen in 1957, after creating beautiful Aran designs with her mother and grandmother for many years. Molly’s dream was to incorporate a family knitting business whose heritage stretched back for over 100 years. Molly is the granddaughter of Kate O’Shea, who, in 1856, was the first craftswoman in Ireland to commercially market her robust, hand knitted woolens. Molly Cullen recognized a market for fashionable Aran style knitwear and established West End Knitwear Ltd in her home village of Monasterevin. 

Proud to keep the tradition alive, West End Knitwear Ltd was continued by Molly’s sons Paul and John Cullen who saw the opportunity to incorporate the best traditional aspects of their mother’s Aran sweaters into modern and fashionable styles. These new styles would come to recognize as the benchmark for modern Aran cable knit sweaters.
Early days of West End Knitwear Ltd in the 1960's
Today it is the biggest knitwear manufacturer in Ireland, with a vibrant workforce under Molly’s grandsons Niall and Barry Cullen. As the designers and producers of the finest quality Irish Aran Knitwear, the extensive range uses the traditional Irish Aran Stitches throughout the garments which are believed to bring luck, success and health to the wearer, ensuring we keep our long-treasured history of traditional Irish craft. 

West End Knitwear is conscious of its roots in the past; however, the company has its eyes firmly focused on the future. From its situation in the west end of Europe it takes pride in being the first company to manufacture garments which were originally designed for those engaged in a rugged, outdoor life. Some of these garments have been adapted for modern worldwide markets and are worn by men and women with pride and pleasure. 

Both the Aran Crafts and Nua collections are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest quality materials: merino wool, pure new wool, linen/cotton, cashmere and introducing new super-soft merino wool. They have a large capacity in 3 and 5 gauge knitting and they also produce for customers own brand labels. All knitting is by machine, overseen by humans of course.
 Why would you wear any old sweater?  This brilliant look has an absolutely gorgeous neckline that we have seen nowhere else in Manhattan (or America) that is universally flattering.  The cable detail dresses this up so it could be paired with dressier smart looks, not only casual styles like jeans.  Embellished with Celtic knot designs symbolizing eternity and love, this waist-length side zip will keep you warm and stylish.  Woven in soft merino wool at West End Knitwear mills in Monasterevin in County Kildare, we find this to be lightweight yet toasty warm. A final great touch is the zipper pull: a Trinity Knot, another classic Celtic symbol.

If you're proud to be Irish, dress like it.
If you just wish you were, we can see why.
Zip Cardigan in Army Green Z4630 by #WestEndKnitwear Since 1957 is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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