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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuscany Steakhouse Inaugural Review Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins @microgreens

Operating Partner Steve Haxi of Tuscany Steakhouse
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It's not every day in Manhattan that a gorgeous new boutique steakhouse opens its doors, and drumroll please, a new one opened the second week of January this year!  The one and only location of Tuscany Steakhouse is 117 West 58th Street and is run and owned by Operating Partner, Steve Haxi.  The location is equally attractive to Manhattan residents and those visiting the city in a highly desirable midtown spot, and we were graciously greeted immediately and can attest to the fact that the red wine available equals the perfection of the steaks.  
Green salads are high on our list and a necessary component to an excellent dinner review.  We count seven types of salad on their menu, and we chose their signature: Tuscany Salad.  Especially since this is our first visit at this venue, we wanted to try what is intrinsic to their brand.  Tuscany Salad is composed of chopped romaine, spinach, sweet corn, cucumber, carrots, avocado, heart of palm, feta cheese, red cabbage and peas.  We particularly liked the heart of palm, the avocado and the peas and the red cabbage adds the right amount of color.
They listened and put the dressing on the side.
Steve suggested we try the Sizzling Canadian Bacon appetizer, which is extra-thick.  If you have not had bacon outside of the USA, you should know that bacon varies around the world.  In Ireland, it is called rashers and is far thicker and often, more delicious.  This Canadian Bacon at Tuscany Steakhouse is absolutely incredible in both taste and size and you will be ravished by these superlative qualities.
Peachy Deegan chose the Tuna Tartare as an appetizer.  Perched upon a tomato, this Tuna arrives in an attractive arrangement along with fresh cucumber and avocado toast.
A special when we visited was the Burrata from Puglia (Italy).  Steve suggested this and we again encountered a stunning presentation.  The Burrata luxuriates on a generous slice of tomato and is surrounded by thick slices of portobello mushroom, and drizzled in olive oil.  Delicious any time of year!
Avid readers know that Peachy Deegan is not at all a vegan and is 110% carnivore.  Her signature steak that she always orders to be consistent among competing venues is Filet Mignon.  We were pleased! It's not aged and was perfectly medium rare, just as we asked:
We never edit the pictures.  Your food either looks this good or it doesn't!  Those that have asked us to edit their pictures in the past have NOT been published on...we publish the truth on our experiences and if we have nothing nice to say, we do not publish.  The steak at Tuscany Steakhouse is sourced from Master Purveyors in Hunt's Point and it arrives to you sizzling hot.  We were immensely impressed and obviously the steak should be the best at a steakhouse.  It was.  However, we don't like to eat steak by itself!
The asparagus was a dream and totally robust with a laudable diameter and green freshness.  Of course Peachy the garlic enthusiast chose to have it sauteed in garlic oil, however, a choice of steamed is also available should you be more persuaded to go that route.  The Creamed Spinach was equally successful and the Mashed Potatoes hit the spot.
Steve thought we should not stop at one steak.  At Tuscany Steakhouse, their steaks are aged from 28-32 days (except the Filet Mignon and the Lamb Chop).  Please meet the New York Sirloin!
Pictures speak louder than words, so please gaze at this beauty as you dream about your lunch and dinner today.
Yes Steve, we probably should have ordered this one!  We were thrilled!  Each slice was a bastion of flavorful exquisiteness and the juicy steak melted in our mouth, hitting the spot on a cold day.  If you think spring is here in Manhattan, think again because it is freezing.  The steak will warm you up in the most extraordinary way.
You know there is always going to be someone in the dinner party that might not want steak and prefers seafood.  On any given day, you might prefer seafood yourself, and the strongest steakhouses also have quality seafood selections.  Tuscany Steakhouse sources the seafood from Slavin and Sons and they deliver three times a week.
The Shrimp Scampi is a fine choice and it's classically sauteed in a lemon white wine sauce.  The shrimp are generous in size and four of them team up for a delicious dinner of superlative seafood.  The pomegranate accent is a lovely touch.
If you can manage room for dessert, Tiramisu will hit the spot!

Tuscany Steakhouse impressed us on our first visit and we look forward to seeing what they do next.

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