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Friday, July 27, 2018

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Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Caviar!
Brilliant Truffle Burrata!
Not only are they drinking consultants, but also they excel in the culinary arts and great chandeliers!
 It's never who you know.  It's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Sean Marr, owner and head drinking consultant of all drinking consultants at District Tap House, a Peachy's Pick Since 2017.  
District Tap House was first featured in early 2017 after our first visit, for the first time:
It has earned a spot in Peachy's Picks, and was the second restaurant to achieve this in 2017.
It was most recently featured last winter:
It's the best tavern in Manhattan at the moment, and frequency of feature is absolutely testament to excellence and reflective of the quality they emanate gloriously from their fine food to their overall hospitality.  Not every bar and tavern is like this; District Tap House is many steps above.
Sean Marr co-owns District Tap House with Bennett Page, Aiden Stenson, Michael Geddes, and Philip Smith.
 We like personalized glasses.  Personalised if you are on the other side of the pond.
 A firework of a start is the Truffle Burrata, sourced from Wisconsin and wrapped in delicious prosciutto and resting upon roasted peppers and balsamic reduction and basil oil.  They elegantly announce cool refreshment on a hot summer day and you will wonder are those the Rockettes kicking up a storm or is it just how delicious the burrata is at District Tap! 
 Style counts.
 Next in the batting order was the Roasted Beet Salad. 
 Sun dried apricots add the desired gold color to match the red beet to make this salad a Boston College color combination, extra points for that.  When available, organic vegetables are used and the walnuts and balsamic on the side enhance this fresh wonder.  Beets are also excellent for circulation so you should eat this one every day.  Of course there is also Peachy's favorite vegetable, cheese, included.  It's Garrotxa.  
Another convincing salad is the Spinach and Baby Kale.  District Tap goes the extra mile and sources really creative, intelligent ingredients you might not know you liked before like Kashkaval and Hazelnut that join the team of uberpopular avocado, red onion, and fried butternut squash.  Of course lighting is important aesthetically and we like to see our food.  No worries about that here.
 Flatbread is quite trendy and everyone is doing it; however, not everyone does it like Sean Marr's kitchen.  All his kitchens.  Peachy remembers very little of what she ate because she has done this for about a decade, but she remembers the Shrimp Flatbread at District Social which is probably her favorite in Manhattan right now.  At District Tap, a winner for summer is assuredly the Three Cheese Artichoke Flatbread with gouda, fontina, cream cheese, spinach and bacon.  It is pure amazement on your tastebuds and the ingredients are in perfect proportion to each other. 
 For someone that doesn't like Wasabi, Peachy certainly liked the Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Caviar, suggested by Natasha Gabuaeva:
 Just looking at it should tell you that this place is not in it to be average; they are in it to win it.  We adored the basil mayo component the most with the tuna, which is entirely fresh and also refreshing especially in summer, and yuzu soy also comes to the party on a plate.
 Peachy loves shrimp.
She is one.
 The Butterfly Shrimp is summer perfection and is absolutely magnificent with chorizo sofrito, avocado and just the right touch of lemon ginger dressing.  This is the epitome of how to be creative and interesting without overdoing it like lesser trendy places are that are all about style with zero substance and thought. 
 Appetizers are fine, but it is entrees that we are really after and what a proper dinner is all about.  Though they are known for their small plates, District Tap does not overlook large plates which can be a mistake of their competition.  Not everyone is a millenial that wants to eat twelve appetizers and call it dinner.  The fish at District Tap are East Coast farmed and the grilled Salmon is exactly what you are looking for during summer for dinner.  Luxuriating in a membrillo glaze and teamed up with colorful and nutritious haricot vert and yellow wax beans accentuated by scallions, you will be impressed with the properly seared salmon.
 Seared Saba Glazed Flank Steak is equally gorgeous and delicious and do not make the mistake of calling a Deegan a vegan.  Peachy Carnivore absolutely reveled in the flavorful juiciness of this delightful entree, presented beautifully in authentic cast iron.  The onion rings were perfectly crisp and you'll also adore the harissa yogurt marinade and garlic confit.
Manager Dan Sliwinski's favorite on the menu are the Grilled Spare Ribs, which are a strong selection.  Upped with honey, tamarind (Avtar rules especially his Facebook picture!), and ginger, they are ideally matched with Yukon Gold Mash and Parmesean.  These pig ribs hit the spot.  Dan is especially fantastic as he has first-hand experience in the best part of Connecticut, favorite state of Whom You Know tied with Florida!
We are not big fans of tacos in general, but when you make them more interesting and soft and delicious like District Tap does with their chicken tacos, you will appreciate them tremendously considering their flour tortillas are house-made.  The tender chicken is joined by royal trumpet mushrooms and tzatziki for a winner of a chicken dinner. 
 You must have a competitive burger to be a standout in Manhattan, and the steak burger was perfectly medium rare as requested, and you will also love the grass-fed beef with cheese of course for our resident cheeseburger monster.  This was the first item delicately devoured in total from this review, which should tell you something.  Bacon, fontina and duck fat fries accentuate the supreme excellence of this burger. 
Also note it is a lot harder to be a Peachy's Pick in 2017 than earlier on...and not all features are Peachy's Picks.
District Tap House continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Sean and Peachy:

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