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Sunday, August 5, 2018

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @LexingtonCandy #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2015 and Best Milkshake in the #USA Says #WhomYouKnow , Lexington Candy Shop Since 1925 Summer 2018 @MichaelKors Even Uses This Venue For Fashion Shoots!

Two Classics!  John and the BLT!
Owner John Philis and Peachy Deegan
 Lexington Candy Shop is just what we are looking for, and a place you want to know.
We can't wait to get there and we hate to leave.
Our late friend Connie Hays told us about it and we started going there BEFORE we started Whom You Know.
You all have to read Connie's book:
Lexington Candy Shop is in the book and it is one of two places we believe to still have an original Coca Cola Fountain in New York City.
It's a third-generation owner venue filled with history run by one of the nicest families in town with food to-die-for.  Their latest and greatest news is that even Michael Kors wanted his Spring and Fall 2018 Fashion ad campaign to take place there in case you want an opinion in addition to Peachy's.
John in action, working hard:
 So, we thought we had had everything there but we were wrong.
Take a look at owner John Philis making Orangeade FROM SCRATCH.
 Three juice oranges from California are used to make one Orangeade along with simple syrup, water and ice in perfect ratio.  John's grandfather invented this in 1925 and it is like drinking summer.  Peachy is mad at herself for never trying this before because it is amazing!
 We were absolutely enthralled with the orangeade and invigorated by its burst of energy!  There is no caffeine; it is a natural high.
Best milkshake anywhere:
 If you think you like coffee, you will discover that John's coffee milkshakes are even better.
He does not use coffee ice cream because like us, he is a purist and worships quality and authenticity.  It is in his genes.
 John uses actual coffee, Vassilaros (Since 1919 in New York), along with coffee syrup and ice cream and Lexington Candy Shop has been using this coffee brand as a vendor since 1925.
In the age of fast casual in 2018 let's not forget who got this party started of Fast Casual in 1925.
This is our kind of fast casual.
Also, you should know that John is genuinely FUN.
You do not see Peachy doing selfies with very many people.
 What you are eating is twice as delicious when the owner is FUN with a quality personality.
 Lexington Candy Shop was most recently featured last winter:
In 2015, it joined Peachy's Picks:
We were wrong when we said that last time it was the definition of what a cheeseburger should be.
Peachy has eaten at least a dozen cheeseburgers this summer alone, and no, THIS IS THE BEST ONE.  Since 1925, the Lexington Butter Burger has enthralled many and they put butter on it after it is grilled.  You might think it is too much and this is what Peachy had been thinking, but she had to dive in and see what all the fuss is about this time.
It kills the competition.
It was John's grandfather's idea in 1925 on the 4 oz patty (quality, not quantity!) with two slices of American cheese, one bite and you can't stop.  We will warn you, it will make you involuntarily dream about it and make you want to eat it again and again and again.
 The tuna melt on mozzarella, though not as devilish, is fabulously refreshing in its own right and we recommend you order it on toasted rye, which embellishes the flavor even more.  Of course, premium albacore tuna is used and polly-o mozzarella.  Every bite is superlative.  Crunch crunch crunch goes Peachy, the tuna melt monster.
 Finally, the last classic on our agenda which should be on yours too is the BLT, bacon, lettuce and tomato on perfectly toasted white bread with mayo. 
 Pictures speak louder than words and we can hear your stomach screaming to get to Lexington and 83rd, PRONTO.
Finally, after all that Peachy decided to incorporate nutrition into her milkshake bloodstream and you should know that from the fresh Chicken Caesar Salad above, emblazoned with brilliant freshly grilled chicken breast, to their newer menu item, Greek Salad which we chose to have egg salad with, Lexington Candy Shop excels on the lighter side too.
Everything old is new again and don't forget who is the most fast casual in town and has been!  We can't wait until they turn 100!  7 more years! 

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