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Thursday, September 27, 2018

#AmazingAccessories #Tartan #Plaid #MadforPlaid #FantasticFallFashion #FashionAlert #MoverandShaker @emiliocavallini #ItalyPeachy The Hottest Legs Around the World Are Sporting Tartan Leggings by Mover and Shaker Emilio Cavallini! Tartan Earns Our Highest Recommendation.

Sure, you could wear a kilt, but it's so much more 2018 to wear fine leggings crafted by the best in Florence, Italy!  As the weather cools down, we have searched the globe for the best in fall fashion and this is our favorite item to date we have published on for this fall.  You can hear the bagpipes going off in your head victoriously as you slide each leg in, and note they are available in both black and white, as shown, and black and red, as you will see on Peachy.  As the temperature starts to dip, you will unequivocally agree that these are much warmer than a kilt or skirt also!  They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and the classy small tartan print is understated and elegant.
Bravo Emilio!  
The Tartan leggings by Emilio Cavallini have earned Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation.

“When I started my company (Stilnovo SpA) in 1970, I was intrigued by the idea of pulling hosiery out of anonymity, of transforming it into a ‘garment’ unto itself,” says Cavallini. The designer adds, “Miniskirts expose so much of the leg that tights are an integral part of any outfit. Let’s face it, the leg makes up more than 30 percent of a head-to-toe look.”

Made in Italy…
All Emilio Cavallini products are MADE IN ITALY, produced by expert Italian craftsmen and a huge staff that prides itself on excellence in every step of production, delivery and service. All production processes (knitting, dying, ironing, printing, packaging) take place in the Stilnovo factory located in San Miniato (near Florence, Italy). , which has just undergone major renovations, including a new showroom space designed to present the product.

The Cavallini look…

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